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The Kevin J. Johnston Show Solo With The Noble Savage and Stefanos

Let us know what you would like to talk about on the show and what you think on how we can improve things. We would like to know from our viewers. Derek would like to try some new things.
Stefanos is going to joining us with something good to say from the great land of Niagara. Were not not if it's just affecting Ontario or all provinces. You might notice that the roads are not being cleared. Not one plow being seen from lastnight or this morning. They never sent out the sidewalk cleaners . Stefanos thinks this could be to keep everyone at home. After a little more digging, that the dishonourable Doug ford from the progressive communist in his party of Ontario has decided if your not jabbed, you can't work. They have the same problem as the ambulance drivers and everything else. They don't have enough workers to keep the roads clear because they want to stab their arms.
If you fall in public property or get in an accident on the road you can sue the living piss out of the municipalities, because you have a lawsuit right there hands down.

KevinJJohnston 7 Jan 18

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Imagine if us Albertans...born & raised Albertans could get rid of all the Toronto politicians who make believe they are Albertans. Imagine a Calgary that makes the WORLD's TOP 25 CITIES list once again?

There is palpable rage growing among Albertans towards phony, make-believe Calgarians who bring their arrogance, ignorance and destruction to great people of this province. These are the first people to rent a U-Haul when times get tough here


Ford puts Faucist ideology over safety.

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