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Besides tearing down statues, we could also rename things. I think the Dulles International Airport is due for renaming. What do you think?

What should we rename the Dulles International Airport?

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jasonc65 7 Mar 23

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"Third World Craphole Airport"


I know. How about Dave Chappelle International?


another Jew hating post? really?

No. An anti-Nazi post.

@jasonc65 how so?

@iThink Dulles was a Nazi.

@jasonc65 I see - sorry for misunderstanding - Mossadeh and Arbenz sound like references to Jews or Israels' Mossad and I have no Idea what PLIA is - without a little bit of context to those words are a bit vague in reference to Dulles airport.

@iThink Mossadegh does sound like Mossad. Sorry. Do a search. The Brothers by Kinzer covers Arbenz, Mossadegh, and Lumumba. Dulles opposed McCarthy and yet exported the witchhunt.


Moisant International Airport MSY in New Orleans, was originally named after an aviation pioneer who died in a crash on the site of the airport in 1910. It was changed to Louie Armstrong International (alcoholic,womanizing trumpet player), because he was black. Go figure!

Oh really? He sounds so positive here. He sounds like Morgan Freeman. JFK is idolized much more, and he is white.

@jasonc65 REALLY! John Moisant was an aeronautical engineer and was known as the "King of Aviators".He was a revolutionary in aviation. MSY airline indentifier code stands for Moisant Stock Yards. He died in a crash at the site, made sense to name the A/P after him.
Originally known as Beauregard Park off of Elysian Fields, 32 acres donated by the Beauregard family to the city of New Orleans was renamed, Louie Armstrong Park. So he was a one song wonder...a song does not make the man. He was an alcoholic and womanizer. The park wasn't enough?
JFK was an assassinated United States President?

@FEWI i didn't know that he was a one-song wonder. Do you mean one song, or one hit? Anywho, there was no reason to rename these things. They could have found new stuff to name after Louis.

A quick search reminds me that Louis also sang La Vie en Rose. Paula Cole did a cover. Maybe he's a two song wonder.


With all these French titles, I suspect he is connected to Lumumba.

@jasonc65 Okay, so he contributed an album to society, he deserves to be named after a 32 acre park and an international airport. Just forget who they were originally named after because … they were white and actually contributed something pertaining to it.

@FEWI i agree on that point. It's robbing Peter, of honor, to pay Paul. But Dulles is a disgrace.


Yes, let's give glory to courageous aviation pioneers. Many died.

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