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The reasons our Communists in Washington DC are "sympathetic" with Ukraine aren't exactly for humanitarian reasons.

Copied this post from a friend I have on FB:

There was a lot going on behind the scenes in Ukraine from 2014 through the time the 2016 election was held.
And you have to remember just how much Trump shocked the world by winning that election.
It was supposed to be Hillary.
Less than a month after Trump won that election, in December of 2016 you had John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Amy Klobuchar doing what I can only describe as a hastily organized PANIC TOUR of Ukraine.
Listen to McCain and Graham in this video. They are clearly worried about Trump finding things out and they want this civil war issue between Western/Eastern Ukraine settled fast before Trump could stick his nose into it.

iThink 9 Apr 13

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Stirring the pot in 2016. Don't worry national socialists the US will provide. Now go get those Russkies!
Lindsay Graham proves himself a fraud. John McCain always was. Amy Klobuchar? Really? No wonder she took a run at becoming President - "I'm an insider now. I know things."

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