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Are Democrats pondering civil war if Biden loses? All over the media, there’s speculation about what will happen if President Trump loses the election. Unsurprisingly, many think Trump will refuse to leave office and will use ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 7 Aug 7 22
LINK Tommy Robinson posted to Parler on August 6, 2020
WorldSigh Aug 6 Aug 6 00
Censored or banned Gone with the Wind – Margaret Mitchell’s Civil War epic was banned from a California school district for its depiction of slaves in the South and the immoral behavior of Scarlett O’Hara. Additionally, the novel was banned ...
B1967 NY Aug 6 Aug 6 00
And I thought all the demonrats would be seeking refugee stats in Canada! Geller Report: Casus Belli: Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War. The 2020 election has nothing to do with ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 4 Aug 4 11
LINK Democrats Run War Games Where They Predict They'll Push For Secession And Civil War If Trump Wins - YouTube
WorldSigh Aug 4 Aug 4 11
Debunking a Viral BLM Infographic
andreaostrov IL Aug 4 Aug 4 00
It is possible for their ideology to take over. It is possible. Countries live with retarded ideologies all around the world. You may not know it, but it's not always happy endings. Reason is not irefutable within an unreasonable majority. You don't ...
A1fredo Mexico Aug 4 Aug 4 00
Will this uprising succeed? We now have legions of young people who have decided that they know a better way to structure America based on socialistic and Marxist principles thanks to years of indoctrination by leftist educators. When you listen to ...
DotBunn PA July 30 Jul 30 55
Why isn't it apparent to the radical left that when they espouse violence against those who they have dehumanized for whatever reason (e.g. just call them a nazi and it's okay to punch them) that they are in fact guilty of the same thing: ...
char1emagne Canada July 27 Jul 27 00
RECURRENT REINCARNATION: Imagine you’ve just come home from work. You sit down and relax, not in any elated or distressed state of mind. The state of awareness you are in—the emotional state you return to and have returned to all your life—can ...
Joel_Fry AL July 26 Jul 26 00
In 2019 Sweden had 289 public bombings detonated compared to the rest of the world, it would be a situation classified as civil war. Sweden is becoming less and less safe for its citizens and the effect of massive immigration is starting to show the ...
JohanAndersen Australia July 24 Jul 24 22
"The Democratic Party is promising to take up the issue of racial reparations for our original sin of slavery. The first order of business, we are told, is ending inequality—of income, wealth, educational attainment and health care. The racial ...
VDARE CT July 23 Jul 23 66
How Will The Civil War Go Down
SocialDarwin CA July 23 Jul 23 22
Fighting Rifle setup
tonkotsu WA July 22 Jul 22 00
LINK Civil War 2.0 Is Upon Us, Far Left Breaches Federal Court, Democrats REJECT Federal Jurisdiction - YouTube
WorldSigh July 22 Jul 22 33
LINK Far Left Insurgents BREACH Federal Courthouse And Attack Feds, Portland IS In Civil War - YouTube
DaveO276 Australia July 21 Jul 21 11
LINK Far Left Insurgents BREACH Federal Courthouse And Attack Feds, Portland IS In Civil War - YouTube
F0XF1R3 GA July 21 Jul 21 11
NuuzJunky GA July 20 Jul 20 22
Chinese military attacks against Australia is a ‘realistic possibility’ | Sky News Australia
Place2029 Switzerland July 19 Jul 19 33
Rush Limbaugh believes the country will split apart. "What is the one thing that unites the people of this country today? There isn’t anything. There isn’t any overlap of commonality....... So the real question is, or a real question, how...
frankdracman AL July 19 Jul 19 99
Cops ticketing people not they think are not following various governor's edicts over this faked virus scare, those stealing people's weapons like talked about in this video, and like what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are the same ...
KCSantiago TX July 17 Jul 17 33
What are people's opinions on a war with China uniting America as a nation again? Would it bring everyone together against a common threat? Would it bring more division and destruction to our country? Is it better or worse than a Civil War?
TurningPage76 IL July 15 Jul 15 77
How can any ideology win a battle ,when only one side shows up for the fight? I am referring to the quasi pre civil war unrest ,not only in the U.S.A but in most countries around the world . I fear that the population with the most common sense, are ...
Philsonic Canada July 15 Jul 15 33
Make Him Famous ...
NuuzJunky GA July 9 Jul 9 22
Get this, in the 1800's it was the democrats that fought the republicans from keeping the slaves free after the civil war. In the 60's it was a democratic governor who passed out ax handles to keep blacks out of his resturant. In the 60's it ...
daroldbanniste Honduras July 8 Jul 8 99
Thoughts on this one? We are in a civil war and no one has come to terms with it yet-
SpikeTalon PA July 8 Jul 8 1212
Scary news from the local 7-11: "The Federal reserve is not giving out coins so they prefer credit cards". A lack of coins under James Buchanan contributed to starting the Civil War.
EricJohnson NV July 7 Jul 7 11
Get this, in the 1800's it was the democrats that fought the republicans from keeping the slaves free after the civil war. In the 60's it was a democratic governor who passed out ax handles to keep blacks out of his resturant....
daroldbanniste Honduras July 7 Jul 7 33
LINK Petition to Preserve the Emancipation Memorial
jessiek816 MA July 7 Jul 7 11
LINK One of the armies of Civil War 2?
FreedomRocker KY July 5 Jul 5 44
HISTORY AND MONUMENTS Well, here I am, a new subscriber and curious about how this site will take off. So, I just recently created a page on Facebook and Parley called Can We Talk About it. So, this first discussion, one that got deleted ...
TheTimeLord4 MO July 5 Jul 5 55
The Battle of Mount Rushmore "The Culture War Group"
Thasaidon Philippines July 5 Jul 5 00
“Islamophobia” Study BLAMES White Men For Muslim Community Oppression Yes, they are really rolling now. Not satisfied with Justin Trudeau’s branding of Anglophones and Christians as bigoted, racist and xenophobic, a study on ...
ieuan UK July 5 Jul 5 11
It’s a civil war. Only one side is fighting. Right now, they are winning.
Edgework TX July 5 Jul 5 33
"Back before the Civil War, escaped slave Frederick Douglass asked "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" His answer: not much. And to the slaves’ descendants, apparently, less. We might now ask "What To The White Man, Is Juneteenth?" ...
VDARE CT July 4 Jul 4 00
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh July 3 Jul 3 11
More of me on Sky News Australia! Big panel discussion of Donald Trump, and how Australians should perceive him.
DaisyCousens Australia July 2 Jul 2 22
Liberal Vs. Conservative ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
LINK Civil War II here already? Or on our door-step?
dd54 HI June 27 Jun 27 22
Dinesh D'Souza: In this cultural civil war it's time for conservatives to fight back.
timon_phocas CO June 26 Jun 26 11
I remember reading books like "The Turner Diaries" and "CivilWar 2 the comming break up of America" years ago, and thinking how far fetched it all sounded.....not so much any more.
frankdracman AL June 26 Jun 26 44
The Ruddi Bruce broadcast live . It’s a call to action for yellow vests to go to Toronto City Hall make your stand there
1patriot Canada June 25 Jun 25 00
LINK This is an interesting twist on the event ready to set off the 2nd Civil War in America...
dd54 HI June 25 Jun 25 55
Today (Wednesday) we review the increasing propaganda in entertainment. Join us Live at 3:00 P.M. EST.
ramzpaul OK June 24 Jun 24 22
Sabotage the rally
RemiDallaire Canada June 23 Jun 23 00
POLL ever since listening to a recent podcast of a famous member of a certain post-civil war organization - who's been redpilled on everything longer than practically any of us have - i've been insanely on the fence about this...
xivnatkun NY June 23 Jun 23 55
I see currently there is quite a bit of destruction in the United States, particularly to historical statues of past leaders and people of historical significance. The claim is that these statues represent racist slave owners, and that they should ...
GuyB WA June 23 Jun 23 33
You know you are facing Civil War conditions when the President has to call out the troops to allow him to speak.
ramzpaul OK June 20 Jun 20 33
VDH . Dr Hanson examines the realities of racism versus class and shows that the real problem is class in the country.
Jurecki FL June 19 Jun 19 00
LINK Professor Warns CIVIL WAR May Be Next Step Of Civil Unrest As Cops Quit While Antifa Escalates - YouTube
WorldSigh June 19 Jun 19 33
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh June 19 Jun 19 22
LINK We Are Seeing A Communist Insurgency Built On Victimhood Narratives - YouTube
turnerjolene48 NC June 18 Jun 18 44
LINK Professor Warns CIVIL WAR May Be Next Step Of Civil Unrest As Cops Quit While Antifa Escalates - YouTube
Darkhorse48 ID June 18 Jun 18 55
A disturbing prediction: And another disturbing prediction about the same thing, this time with a lot more detail: Which do we believe? Neither? The first? The second? Both?
henrydz FL June 18 Jun 18 00
"My ancestors were abolitionists who fought for the Union, but you don’t have to be a Southerner to care about Confederate monuments. I can’t help but notice that the people trying to obliterate our history are not part of that history. Not ...
VDARE CT June 17 Jun 17 22
SO SICK OF THE ANTIFA LIES! THEY say this man wanted civil war but we all know he is ANTIFA!
bastion UK June 17 Jun 17 11
MiddleEastForum: Discusses the state of play in the Libyan civil war. Gives a rundown on other MidEast countries and conflicts.
timon_phocas CO June 16 Jun 16 00
VDH and Eric Metaxas discuss the current craziness. They say this is the French Revolution and elaborate on what they mean.
Jurecki FL June 14 Jun 14 00
The Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle is seceding from the Union. If this is allowed, the Civil War becomes illegitimate.
FreedomRocker KY June 12 Jun 12 33
Tough decision between these two badasses. I haven’t felt this conflicted since Captain America: Civil War.
Quadse7en TN June 11 Jun 11 00
This was one of the books that helped to clarify my political views. He wrote it in the 1990s, and it is prophetic. Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America was published in 1996 by Thomas Chittum. We have passed a key ...
ramzpaul OK June 11 Jun 11 44
Left-Wing Professor Gives His Answer To The Question, Will There Be A Civil War?? Professor Robert Kuttner fantasies Trump as somehow being an omnipotent demigod who can do or get whatever he wants. Trump is sandwiched ...
MosheBenIssac CA June 11 Jun 11 22
LINK America's civil war is here. The current events & insurrection are the opening volley in the revolution to replace the Constitutional Republic with their idea of ideal democracyby the Social Injustice Activists
dd54 HI June 11 Jun 11 00
A new Civil war
RemiDallaire Canada June 10 Jun 10 11
The Civil War was a war that has brothers killing brothers. The war was vicious and left many wounds. Most of the leaders at the time realized that for the nation to heal, we had to honor and recognize soldiers on both sides of the conflict. Yes, the...
ramzpaul OK June 10 Jun 10 22
Nolte: Your Handy-Dandy Survival Guide to Life Under Social Justice Mob Rule
Rosary_Trace GA June 7 Jun 7 11
It's unfortunate that musicians and artists can send a powerful message that will be ignored by the majority while they nod their heads to the melody or to aesthetic appeal of the piece. Perhaps it's an explanation of why artists are often never ...
WhiskeyM CT June 7 Jun 7 11
( Mea Culpa, the link didn't post.You may not agree with Beck but in this commentary he expresses the depth of the anger that most everyone but the indoctrinated leftist lemmings are feeling and voicing. In the midst of the plandemic ...
dd54 HI June 6 Jun 6 22
The road to civil war
RemiDallaire Canada June 6 Jun 6 22
You may not agree with Beck but in this commentary he expresses the depth of the anger that most everyone but the indoctrinated leftist lemmings are feeling and voicing. In the midst of the plandemic and now the progressive SJW comrades support of ...
dd54 HI June 5 Jun 5 00
LINK To Win the Cold Civil War, Seek Peace through Strength - The American Mind
Xtra WA June 4 Jun 4 00
WorldSigh June 2 Jun 2 88
My Weird Brain One of the few people I've ever related to was the neuroscientist James Fallon. James Fallon describes himself as a pro-social psychopath. He doesn't break laws as an adult. He received some kind of Catholic boys award as a kid....
MrShittles MO June 2 Jun 2 33
What's the best state to be in when we go full civil war? I'm currently in southern CA so anywhere is probably better, but some criteria are: 1. Lots of whites without self guilt 2. Good 2A protections 3. Relatively low population density
ZapRowsdower CA June 1 Jun 1 77
It’s common knowledge by now that Derek Chauvin and George Floyd worked security together at El Neuvo Rodeo, a Mexican dance club with its own sketchy deep story. “I wouldn’t characterize them as knowing each other,” said former club ...
Edgework TX June 1 Jun 1 11
LINK EXCLUSIVE: Dallas Riots Interview! | Louder with Crowder - YouTube
WorldSigh June 1 Jun 1 11
LINK EXCLUSIVE: Dallas Riots Interview! | Louder with Crowder - YouTube
WorldSigh June 1 Jun 1 22
LINK EXCLUSIVE: Dallas Riots Interview! | Louder with Crowder - YouTube
WorldSigh June 1 Jun 1 22
LINK Trump Declares The US Will Designate Antifa As A Terrorist Organization, Civil War 2 Is Coming - YouTube
Darkhorse48 ID May 31 May 31 88
LINK Decoupling Universities from China
Miner NC May 21 May 21 00
Suicides not reduced by laws restricting gun owners...
SpikeTalon PA May 20 May 20 00
Alas, EU policy is: control the Judiciary of member states
EricJohnson NV May 17 May 17 11
LINK Brother against brother, father against son. My phone call from back home today isn't unique. - YouTube
WorldSigh May 10 May 10 33
MITPress: The Civil War, Nevada Statehood, Lincoln's 2nd term, and a $4,000, 173-page telegram.
timon_phocas CO May 7 May 7 00
LINK People Are Resenting Overpolicing During Lockdown, Civil Unrest May Precede Social Breakdown - YouTube
WorldSigh May 7 May 7 11
LINK Five Eyes: China Lied, Now MANY Have DIED - YouTube
WorldSigh May 3 May 3 00
How does this Canadian government have the power to just van guns, or anything else without due process?
2FollowHim Canada May 2 May 2 11
COVID-19: There's a Sucker Born Every Minute - Part 2 - Peter Helland continues Part 2 - talking about where he thinks America has been played for as a sucker. After the civil war he starts with World War I, then goes to Pearl ...
JoogleVAX4U TN May 1 May 1 22
Joe Rogan Experience - Graham Hancock, Duncan Trussell “Human history has become too much a matter of dogma taught by 'professionals' in ivory towers as though it's all fact. Actually, much of human history is up for grabs. The ...
CarrenTracey CO Apr 15 Apr 15 00
Senator Richard Burr Sold D.C. Townhouse to Donor at a Rich Price "In a private transaction, Richard Burr, Republican of North Carolina, sold the townhouse to lobbyists who had business before his committees."
WilyRickWiles IL Apr 15 Apr 15 00
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries: Are we in the "last days"? | Abdu Murray | Q&A | RZIM. With all of the events worldwide (economic collapse, pandemic, and wars), are we in the final days of time according to the Bible? If so, how can...
warminster100 Canada Apr 11 Apr 11 11
VA Governor sued over indoor range closures...
SpikeTalon PA Apr 10 Apr 10 00
HWO vs Trump... Wanna see where this will go .
RemiDallaire Canada Apr 9 Apr 9 11
Who do we believe? Is there an objective measure of truth that we might access, or has truth simply become another pawn of political orientation? Do we really have to wait ten years for unbiased accounts of the current crisis to start sorting ...
Edgework TX Apr 9 Apr 9 77
'Bored during lockdown? Why not learn the difference between you're, your, yore; their, they're, there; where, we're and wear.'
Obiwannosi CO Apr 8 Apr 8 77
Sage wisdom in these troubled times. “We cannot let this, we’ve never allowed any crisis from the Civil War straight through to the pandemic of 17, all the way around, 16, we have never, never let our democracy sakes second fiddle, way they, ...
Edgework TX Apr 7 Apr 7 44
NRO: Iran's Health Ministry spokesman calls China's Wuhan flu statistics "a bitter joke."
timon_phocas CO Apr 6 Apr 6 00
Civil War arms collection order raises historical and contemporary questions- “You will see that I have been authorized to collect all military arms of Pennsylvania at my own expense for the purpose of remodeling, and then to be ...
SpikeTalon PA Mar 30 Mar 30 00
LINK National Guard Goes To Homes Hunting Down "Refugees" From NYC, Cuomo Calls It "Declaration of War" - YouTube
WorldSigh Mar 29 Mar 29 11
johnlondon AK Mar 26 Mar 26 22