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Contacting members of Congress, and trying to change public opinion, now a crime. Russian legislator indicted for trying to do precisely that in the US. In short, promoting mutual understanding and peace is forbidden!


lawrenceblair 8 Apr 17

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These people running the United States (into the ground) think that George Orwell wrote instructions, not fiction.


Russia. Russia. Russia. Putin must have a lot on US politicians for them to endlessly continue on this narrative.
Of course, if he releases information it will all be discounted as Russian propaganda.

We were getting close to the target and the correct assignment of responsibility for the mayhem in the West before Putin was invited to invade Ukraine which only serves to divert our attention away and further convince us of the narrative.

Whatever the outcome of this conflict we will not be better off. We must expose the source of the movement toward the global consolidation of power that threatens all nations.

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