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Is cosmetic surgery bad for the species?

Cosmetic surgery makes people appear more attractive but obviously that attractiveness is not genetically transferred to offspring.

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plebeian_lobster 6 Apr 24

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I think that whatever you do in life, as long as it doesn't directly affect anyone else around you. You can do what you like. Cosmetic surgery is a choice that doesn't impact anyone directly in a negative way, therefore I don't care to judge someone based on it.


They're probably not breeding much more than without the surgery. Having more partners and sex, maybe, but without accompanying offspring for the most part.


Anything that helps a person have more confidence in themself is generally good for the community.


The fact that it cannot be passed on would indicate that it would have no effect, except possibly allowing DNA combinations that would not otherwise happen, which is neither here nor there, genetically.

I am thinking of a situation where, say, Fabio has children with a woman was not at all attractive but had a lot of work done and then becomes attractive. Their children will likely not be as attractive. I suppose that assumes attractiveness is good for the species. And I suppose that is an matter on which reasonable minds could differ.

@plebeian_lobster That's assuming that the "patient" wouldn't have offspring without the surgery? Back in the day where most couples had 5-10 children, yeah maybe. But today where birth rates are at or below replacement level? Umm, not so much.


I guess, cosmetic surgery doesn't make any difference to the species apart from a situation like a man who thought he married a beautiful woman might get a nasty shock when the baby he fathered has a huge ugly nose...


Most of them look so unnatural, it's kind of "scary, weird",, not a fan, unless you really need it!


Nah....a bit vain for sure. Perhaps even silly is some cases. But overall, not a big deal. People have been trying to be more attractive since there were people.

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