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A new report prepared for the Liberal Party of Canada shows that the vaccines have no benefit for those under 60


YellowPill 7 Sep 19

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Bet they bury that Report in a hurry.


And most people over 60 as well. I’m a sexagenarian with some health issues and I refuse to be jabbed with that experimental garbage. I simply increase my vitamin D, C And Zinc. I also take baby aspirin and try to stay ahead of issues that pop up. The most valuable thing I’ve done is to refuse to worry about what may happen to me. My beginning and my end were preordained and I’m not worried about how it will happen. That being said, I’m not going to try to speed up my end by letting ignorant or evil people inject me with their poison.


Did Fauci author the study? If not, it's not science.


Endless jabs for endless profits!

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