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Obama Calls For The EXTERMINATION of Trump Supporters, His FINAL SOLUTION [VIDEO] - []

JohnBurke 8 Dec 4

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Obama ran on a "good guy" platform. He ran as a uniter.

Obama used the power of the presidency to hurt Republicans to the max.

Obama is an asshole.

Democrats love to praise Obama, and they praise him as a good guy.

Tell Democrats that you feel that Obama is an asshole. Tell them that we will make our own decision as to who the good guy is.

Republicans hate Obama. Therefore Obama is not a good guy.

Trudeau ran as a "good guy".


Can you link to the quote where Obama called for the extermination of Trump supporters? I'm thinking this is fake news.

The video shows nothing that Obama said or did. It is simply some guy talking about what Obama might have said or did. It is opinion, not fact.


I once maintained that Obama was our worst president in history. I then revised that assessment to say that Biden is the worst president in our history, Now, however, I have come to realize that, while Biden has been the more destructive in many ways, Obama was/is worse on a deeper, more visceral level.

I agree. Obama is aware of what he is doing, although he has zero understanding of what the consequences of his beliefs are.

Biden probably doesn't know what day of the week it is.

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Agree. Obama is worse because he's dangerous. And a good liar.

Obama is a betrayer. He promised Republicans that he is their friend and Republicans elected Obama president. Obama used the power of the presidency to hurt Republicans.

Dante puts betrayers in the 9th plane of hell.

It's beyond good and evil.

Congressman Jim Jordan published a book titled "Do what you said you would do".

Trump did what he said he would do. So did DeSantis, Youngkin, etc.

Obama and Biden did the opposite of what they said they would do. They used Republican faith to hurt Republicans.


That’s just about as anti-Constitutional as it gets. Obama finally outs himself as a Marxist, despite his claims of being a “patriot.”


Biden just had a state dinner with Macron.

Macron just declared an initiative for the EU to ban Twitter.


Musk can trump them by moving Twitter to the Starlink network. Untouchable. He's been planning this all along.





Obama is a pathetic person but you can't say anything negative about a half black person. Even otherwise conservative individuals are uncomfortable with criticizing black people. The truth is that Dreams of My Father should have told everyone everything they need to know about Obama. His father was a drunk who killed an innocent person while driving. His father was also a communists who couldn't deal with the failure of black Africa because of people like himself and blamed colonialism. The irony is that instead of adopting African values his father allowed himself to be spiritually colonized by one of the worst "intellectual" exports of Europe. Like Trudeau Obama has always just been play acting the role of "leader". His community organization Acorn was taken over by criminals because he wasn't really in charge. His administration was ran by neo liberals for the most part because he wasn't really in charge. Empty suits are now the manchurian candidate in most Western governments and Obama was no exception.

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