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Abstract cowritten by Dr. Peter McCullough. Mostly terrifying implications for those vaxxed with multiple boosters experiencing long-Covid brain disease, but with some "oh, wow" moments. Difficult reading with my limited biochemistry comprehension 😱. Interesting allusion to possibility of using nicotine as a therapeutic to stop progression of disease by stimulating nicotine receptors. This would be excellent sci-fi material. Yikes.

DMcCreery1956 8 Dec 17

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It's no wonder the government has been waging war on tobacco.

The tobacco thing prompted me to do a Google search about nicotine and memory. It is a therapeutic for brain fog, memory loss, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ADHD, lack of focus, etc. Preferred methods of delivery are gum, lozenges, and vape. I am so angry that this information is suppressed and insurance companies charge more for coverage of non-smoking nicotine users. It is actually beneficial for aging brains.

@DMcCreery1956 I get my nicotine directly from the leaves. I keep a pinch of cured and ground tobacco in my lip all day except when eating or sleeping. When I had COVID it helped keep the spikes out of my brain.


Those pictures of bloodclots extracted by embalmers that they put in jars were really creepy.

Yes, they are.

We have seen this evidence for over a year now and the government and legacy media are working overtime to cover it up. Like the opening credits concluded, "The truth is out there."

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