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Protesters walk into the Capitol building with some given entrance by uniformed guards holding the doors open where they walk around, talk to others, put their feet atop a desk (FELONY!!! INSURRECTION!!! DEMOCRACY IN DANGER!!!! and other Woke anti-USA spewings) and the federal government devotes mega-millions of dollars to destroy the lives of many of those folks as possible.

Some are locked up without bail for many months awaiting trial while in other venues rapists and murderers post bail and roam free awaiting trial. There is ample evidence for those willing to seek it that a large portion of those citizens being attacked by the federal government are true caring patriots. And while the government devotes itself full-time to seeking "justice" against the Jan 6, 2021 protesters we saw Antifa, Red Guard, BLM (Black Lives Matter) commit violent atrocities across the USA while local, state and federal officials allowed those insurrectionists, protesters, etc. free rein to commit misdemeanors and felonies.

The recent Atlanta event had an Antifa member trying to shoot and kill a cop.

But the patriot members of Oath Keepers have been neutralized so the lackeys of the tyrannical elites striving to force a New World Order upon the USA are safe to continue their traitorous affairs within government.

Surely the Founders, if they were present, would declare that tyranny has reared its vile, ugly head and that patriots must muster to prepare to save the Founder's creation.

Video at link

"Antifa shoots at Cops then burns police car & Riots in Georgia"

Pobbo 6 Jan 26

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The Jan 6 Democrat led political injustice is one of the most evil and corrupt actions of our times.

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