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Did anyone notice that Ukraine dumped chemical weapons on Russian soldiers via drones? The silence of NATO members is complicity in the most vile of war crimes. Does the UN Security Council have a freaking moral compass? The developed nations are supporting honest-to-god NAZIs.

DMcCreery1956 8 Feb 10

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I agree. NATO is a powerful force that lost its mission in 1990, and basically became an undirected cannon, that someone obviously decided to turn on Putin. It should have been disbanded then. Now it will be more difficult. Someone will probably have to decapitate the leadership, and go after its resources.


Sadly I have no hope that the UN knows what a moral compass is anymore. The majority of the western world has rejected the basis of truth completely. They call evil good and good evil. They embrace murder, theft, and destruction. Fortunately we can take solace in how their plans will come to an end.

I agree. The UN arguably has always done more harm than good, and cost the US billions of dollars better spent at home.


Nazis do Nazi things, like ignoring the war crimes of fellow Nazis.

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