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In the WSJ’s Saturday Interview this week, Justice Samuel Alito is quoted as saying he has “a pretty good idea who is responsible” for the leak of the draft decision in Dobbs. And he asserts the motive behind it was intimidation of the majority members, up to and including assassination.

So it appears the source of the leak was someone on staff, meaning it was a lawyer. It also means that existing tools of law enforcement are inadequate to identify and prosecute the perpetrator.

That a lawyer would engage in this behavior reveals a complete lack of understanding on his or her part for the legal process and the integrity of the Court as an institution. This lawyer came through one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. This means that that law school failed to support and defend even the most basic tenets of the law, respect for the Court and for the decision making process itself. Even more basically, respect for human life.

And yet, the response from the left, almost uniformly, is that the Justices are getting what they deserve, that the right to protest includes the right to intimidate and bully anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The bar must now wake up to the fact that its very foundation is being undermined by militant ideologues. It must respond quickly and forcefully to eradicate this creeping degeneracy.

But it will not.

GaryWitt 8 Apr 29

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The Left has no respect for the Constitution. The leadership of the Left seeks power, and the Constitution limits government. Only politicians backing the Constitution are interested in protecting the rights of the people, not power.

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