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What Canadian gas stations don't want you to know... - YouTube
GaryWitt comments on Dec 12, 2019:
Based on this, is it logical to say that Canadian environmentalists who oppose new pipelines within Canada are actually supporting human rights violations throughout the world? Seems so.
This is why your kids are come home from school so messed up 2 hours of Utopian bullshit by those ...
GaryWitt comments on Dec 12, 2019:
If you were able to watch all this (1:44!) you have far more patience than I do. His first statement, GDP is declining worldwide, is false. How can you go anywhere but down from there?
GaryWitt comments on Dec 12, 2019:
“I’ve been buggered by Jeremy Corbyn?”
Consumer calls for Hasbro to stop selling "assault style" Nerf guns- [ammoland.
GaryWitt comments on Dec 11, 2019:
Nerf guns? You mean those pink and blue jobs? Plastic? Like squirt guns?
GaryWitt comments on Dec 11, 2019:
I never gave Zemmour much thought, but I’m starting to like him.
transitioning through times of hiding Society from Reality, to Reality hiding itself from from ...
GaryWitt comments on Dec 10, 2019:
Sounds like you’ve mastered Jargon. If so you might be ready for Acronyms, and a career in civil service.
One of the many interesting points made in The Gulag Archipelago is about how unproductive the state...
GaryWitt comments on Dec 10, 2019:
What do you mean by the inverse intellectual pyramid? Not sure I understand.
A lowly soldier enlisted into a great army to make war against a foreign enemy.
GaryWitt comments on Dec 10, 2019:
Was he awarded a medal posthumously?
The farmers in France are pissed off.
GaryWitt comments on Dec 10, 2019:
I remember when the gilets jaunes demonstrations began last year a group of farmers in west France delivered a dump truck full of manure to the front steps of the local prefect. I suspect a similarly eloquent response might be appropriate here as well.
The IDW Community should be about holding civil discussions on a variety of topics that affect our ...
GaryWitt comments on Dec 9, 2019:
I think a lot of people on both ends of the political spectrum have forgotten (or never learned) that government must be limited if we are all to be free. In this context, when people push for the government to “do something” about this or that, then someone’s liberty is about to be curtailed. Count on it. In the case of abortion, the question is and will always be, “whose rights matter more, the mother’s or the child’s?” Allow abortion and the rights of the child are violated. Prohibit abortion and, well, let’s just ask, are the rights of the mother violated? Does the mother not have the best interests of her child at heart? Perhaps not. And of course the child is unable to speak up for himself or herself. So should abortion simply be illegal? Or should someone speak up for the child in some other way? Is the purpose of government to defend the rights of people who are otherwise defenseless?
'Your right is someone's responsibility.
GaryWitt comments on Dec 8, 2019:
Good health is not a fundamental human right. People are born sickly every day. Life is suffering. Disease threatens all of us, and we have no right to require someone else to care for us. If it were otherwise then doctors, nurses, paramedics and others would by definition become slaves. People care for others out of love; responsibility undertaken freely and voluntarily. Also, I’m not sure the Peterson quote is accurate. He did not say that you can declare a right for yourself and have others assume responsibility for providing you with something as a consequence. He did say that rights carry with them responsibilities. And that you have to be responsible for yourself.
The impeachment report is out.
GaryWitt comments on Dec 8, 2019:
For added context, see Ron Johnson’s letter:
I found this one shared by my severely disabled friend. Would you sympathise with her sentiment?
GaryWitt comments on Dec 6, 2019:
Well, she’s right. The people of Hong Kong, mainland China (particularly the Uighurs), North Korea, Russia, and elsewhere are truly oppressed and deserve our full support. On the other hand, those who simply manufacture their own victimhood with pretense and false narratives provide ample justification for people to ignore them. So, for example, feminists who parade around in pink stocking caps but are silent on the issue of FGM do not deserve any respect.
Isaiah 59:14 “And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is ...
GaryWitt comments on Dec 5, 2019:
Isaiah was an optimist.
Kamala Harris []
GaryWitt comments on Dec 3, 2019:
It’s rare that I read an article with which I agree 100 percent, with every single word, down to the last punctuation mark. This is one of those articles.
tis the season
GaryWitt comments on Dec 3, 2019:
Lutefisk: the piece of cod which passes all understanding.
Who would he be talking to?
GaryWitt comments on Dec 2, 2019:
Far less likely. 😉
Speech is simply a communication tool, no?
GaryWitt comments on Dec 2, 2019:
Please consider this as part of the context: Thoughts, or meaning, cannot be “transferred” through speech. You don’t actually transmit meaning. Your speech gives the symbols that allow the other person to create meaning. Whether the meaning created by that recipient of symbols is close to the meaning intended by the speaker depends on many variables, e.g., a common culture, precise definitions, shared experience, prior usage, and so forth. When people start corrupting the language (see Alice’s encounter with Humpty Dumpty), communication fails.
Stoic Philosophy. "You Must Read to Lead." []
GaryWitt comments on Dec 2, 2019:
Reading to satisfy our curiosity is the best kind of reading. Of course we first need to be curious. I’m not sure how to inspire or instill that curiosity. We either have it or we don’t.
Socialism and social justice are greedy []
GaryWitt comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Maybe there's a God above []
GaryWitt comments on Dec 1, 2019:
I dunno. Aside from the repetitive “hallelujahs” the song seems pretty hopeless and despondent. It certainly doesn’t give anyone any reason to rejoice. Or even to believe in a god. Quite the opposite in fact.
I used to supply the mafia with diaries but I was arrested and charged with very organised crime
GaryWitt comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Time management is very important if you think you might actually have to do time.
Hong Kong protestor signs...
GaryWitt comments on Dec 1, 2019:
Seems to me Mr. Trump is a very reluctant supporter of the Hong Kong democratic movement. He is more interested in securing a trade deal with the mainland than in supporting human rights. Still, I’ll take whatever support he is willing to provide.
Hong Kong. People Singing America s National Anthem. []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 28, 2019:
The people of Hong Kong need and deserve our full support.
Imam of Peace on Twitter: "If you’re seeing articles exposing @IlhanMN as an agent for Qatar.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 25, 2019:
Half the people in America think you are wrong, and yet you don’t want to btalk about it ?
GaryWitt comments on Nov 25, 2019:
Active listening, starting with the presumption that the person with whom you are conversing has something of value to you that you should earnestly try to discover, is an extraordinarily difficult endeavor. Not just because of the effort needed on your own part, which can be considerable, but also because it requires some level of buy in by that other person. Try it, especially without that buy in by the other person.
Gustav Klimt’s iconic Art Nouveau painting was inspired by a more dreary Edvard Munch version from...
GaryWitt comments on Nov 24, 2019:
In the Munch version the two lovers are united in a blur. Where does he end and she begin? They have no identity apart from one another. It’s almost frightening. In the Klimt version the woman is the focus. Her expression seems reticent but somehow pleased at the same time. She is the pursued and she seems happy in that role. Obviously I prefer the Klimt. It is more nuanced.
This is the clear choice Hong Kong faces TODAY - YouTube
GaryWitt comments on Nov 24, 2019:
Question whether this information is getting out to the people of Hong Kong. Surely not to the mainland, but I’m wondering what censorship is in place in the city itself.
Close Enough
GaryWitt comments on Nov 23, 2019:
He covered the IUD with his body, in a misguided attempt to save the lives of his company.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 23, 2019:
So who won?
'Tis the Season!
GaryWitt comments on Nov 23, 2019:
Well, OK. But I suspect you have no Muslim friends. Which may not be a bad thing. I dunno.
Jordan Peterson. "How To Really Listen To People." []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 23, 2019:
Yes! So before you disagree with someone it is imperative that you first understand him or her. What a concept! Of course the problem is how to understand someone who is irrational. And the solution is that you simply stop when you see that he or she is genuinely irrational.
Just remember - "I feel your pain."
GaryWitt comments on Nov 21, 2019:
So now Hillary is all torqued because a) Bill’s been rifling through her stuff again and b) deep down she knows she could never make that outfit work as well for her.
What was your first motorcycle and what was your first car?
GaryWitt comments on Nov 21, 2019:
First motorcycle was a 1982 Yamaha Virago 920. Sold it, missed it, bought a brand new1987 BMW K100-RS. Rode it for 30 years, and traded it last year for an RNineT. I think I bought a car during that same period but I can’t remember what kind. Doesn’t matter.
Taunted by Pakistani mob - YouTube
GaryWitt comments on Nov 21, 2019:
Clearly she would have been badly beaten, perhaps murdered, had the police not been there. The video is extremely disturbing. Katie’s courage in the face of this mob is inspiring.
[] Eric swallowwell ..I AM FARTUCUS....
GaryWitt comments on Nov 19, 2019:
Sometimes it’s just way too easy.
Lesson 101 -This is fighting back against the bull shit in action! []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 18, 2019:
She had three minutes. I wonder how long the Common Core proponents had. Or is that just another math problem.
Theodore Dalrymple, "Britains Vanishing Culture and Character.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 17, 2019:
Good post. Thank you. One nit to pick: it was Camus, not Sartre, who wrote The Stranger.
I knew I saw him somewhere before.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 17, 2019:
Attorney General Barr Rails Against 'The Resistance,' Senate Democrats and Activist Judges
GaryWitt comments on Nov 17, 2019:
Barr is insightful and accurate here. Great post. Thank you.
I am watching the unfolding of the latest chapter in the ongoing Resistance Follies with mixed ...
GaryWitt comments on Nov 17, 2019:
I’m hesitant to assert the existence of some grand, unified conspiracy with a few puppet masters in charge. Corruption doesn’t need to be organized in order to spread. And spread it has, through (I suspect) a combination of ignorance (malpractice and malfeasance in our education system), apathy (or inattentiveness), and the actions of a few opportunistic criminals.
Powerful sculpture.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 15, 2019:
An extraordinary work. Here is background on the massacre:
I know some of you think Maury is a piece of shit for putting this on TV.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 15, 2019:
Nah, Maury’s all right. He’s just hanging with the wrong crowd.
YouTube is moving to censor the debate between student Michael Moreno and his communications ...
GaryWitt comments on Nov 14, 2019:
Also of concern is the fact that the university administration is disturbingly silent on this matter. They should have intervened early on to dismiss this prof.
A different take on postmodernism. []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 12, 2019:
So the postmodernism of Foucault and Derrida is not “real” postmodernism. Yeah, got it. Sort of like how the socialism of China or the Soviet Union is not “real” socialism.
You have to admit, the Minaj ditty is catchy.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 11, 2019:
I don’t want anything banned. And besides, it sounds like she’s a stupid hoe. He’s convinced me.
[] Jordan Peterson. "Who Dares Say He Believes in God?"
GaryWitt comments on Nov 10, 2019:
A magnificent and insightful response to a question that most people do not see as loaded. But it is. What does it mean to say you believe in God? Do you merely affirm or deny his (His) existence and that’s the end of it? Our knowledge is so limited. We are separated from certainty by such a wide gulf. How do you know? How do you make such an affirmation? Or denial. And what are the consequences of such an affirmation? Do you wrestle with God? Do you try to act as if God exists? In your believing, do you claim to be good? Better than most? Good enough? And if you deny his existence then where do you go from there? The thing I like most about Jordan Peterson is that he’s not looking for followers. He’s looking for answers.
Unintended consequences. How would you solve this issue? []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 10, 2019:
Stores installed self-checkout devices to save money. They brought their customers on board with promises that those customers would save money as well. The cost of theft was part of the equation, with the assumption being the stores would manage that cost, along with the self-checkout technology. There was never an assumption that people would be good or that they would operate on the honor system. So, if the technology is inadequate, it’s up to the stores to change it. Or abandon it. The latter would be my preference.
Katie Hopkins on Twitter: "Threatened with contempt of court for posting information already in the ...
GaryWitt comments on Nov 9, 2019:
Ms. Hopkins is one of the more powerful forces promoting knowledge-based discussion and debate. She deserves our support.
[] Ben Shapiro Condemns Alt Right and Nazis, and Students Begin to Demand Loudly He Leave.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 8, 2019:
He’s right of course. The interaction between the radical left (perhaps a redundancy) and the alt-right (a misnomer) really serves to splatter almost everyone in between with their respective brands of horseshit. Condemn either one and you are automatically labeled the other.
[] Jordan Peterson. "Go Out and Make Something of Yourself."
GaryWitt comments on Nov 5, 2019:
This upsets people???? Very well. Be upset by this if you choose. Let me know how that works out for you.
A Canceled Kanye Begins a Hymn - WSJ
GaryWitt comments on Nov 4, 2019:
Interesting. By rights cancel culture should carry with it the seeds of its own destruction. No one is perfect (except Bill Clinton of course) so eventually everyone will sin, and be cancelled. And when everyone, everywhere, is out of work, will cancel culture go away? Or will the left have to devise some sort of path to redemption?
GaryWitt comments on Nov 4, 2019:
I think your best bet is to go to the source literature. Derrida and Foucault.
[] "Radical Honesty. What If We All Told the Truth?"
GaryWitt comments on Nov 3, 2019:
I’ve been thinking about this, and, especially after reading Peterson’s 12 Rules, decided a couple months ago to work on telling the truth. It is very difficult, not only because you have to think about what is true and how do you know, but also how are you going to say it, all before you speak. Like Peterson, I find that I’m a lot more quiet these days. And I proof read what I’ve written much more cautiously. All in all, I’m not yet confident that I’m successful. My failures sting. But in those seemingly infrequent moments when I can see that I have been successful at seeing and conveying the truth, it is entirely worth the effort.
They have the patience of angels. []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Campus Police: an oxymoron, similar to Intelligence Committee.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Absolutely agree. This is one of the most thought provoking and important books I’ve read. And re-read.
What Fascism is. []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 3, 2019:
A bit of a whitewash, if I may use such a term. No genuine discussion of Hitler, but instead seems to conclude that “true” fascism is not imperialist. Gives ‘way too much credit (if that’s really the right word) to Mussolini. Now, having said that, I certainly agree it is important to study and understand fascism. But fascism’s faults and failures—and its fundamental nature—are clear. And we know them to be absolutely disastrous. To ignore them, or minimize them, is unacceptable.
The American Bar Association smears Trump nominee Lawrence VanDyke
GaryWitt comments on Nov 3, 2019:
I read about this in the WSJ as well. For far too long the ABA has been a partisan tool shilling for a far-left agenda. The organization should be stripped of its apparent status as a presumed spokesman for the legal profession. It lost its balance and perspective years ago.
Jordan Peterson is a rare example of someone who survived the progressive mob, but for millions of ...
GaryWitt comments on Nov 3, 2019:
When a mere rant wins a debate, when logic, reason, and intelligence are not just discounted but actually condemned, then you have chaos, confusion, and insanity. I find this presentation absolutely shocking. This will not end well.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 2, 2019:
I hear this message and my immediate response is “yeah, that’s right, sure,” and then I think “but why is this such a big deal?” Why is this controversial at all? And I don’t get it until I consider the genuine context here, and realize that there are people who do not want you to take responsibility because they want you weak and dependent. It doesn’t matter who you are. They want you dependent, upon them or somebody like them. Those are the people who object to this message.
[] "Professor at College Teaching Anti-white Curriculum, Including That Science is Fake."
GaryWitt comments on Nov 2, 2019:
It’s more than racist, it’s postmodern deconstruction poisoning a class in debate. If this professor has all kinds of trophies, won using the tactics described here, then not only has the WSU curriculum been poisoned, but the judges and officials evaluating the performance of the contestants have been corrupted, across multiple campuses.
Engaged Buddhists too often lean progressive because they don’t understand the fundamental nature ...
GaryWitt comments on Nov 2, 2019:
I’m curious why the author did not raise the 1950 invasion of Tibet by the communist Chinese. If anything shows the evils of authoritarianism it is that invasion and its aftermath.
According to this article, Facebook has banned the use of certain emojis it considers violative of ...
GaryWitt comments on Nov 2, 2019:
I presume this ban, if it does exist, is only effective in France. But I dunno. Could be entirely false. Wouldn’t be the first time a newspaper has lied.
PJW.... Fighting the good fight.. []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 2, 2019:
Yeah. Couldn’t finish watching this one. Gotta go. Sorry.
And I...Still rest my case []
GaryWitt comments on Nov 2, 2019:
The video reveals that most of the leftists present have no real thought process behind their actions. They follow a herd, and they don’t consciously know (or at least cannot express) what they believe and why.
[] "Speak Your Being Forward." Jordan Peterson.
GaryWitt comments on Nov 2, 2019:
Yes. Goddammit. Yes.
Katie Hopkins | We Should NOT Support No Platforming (6/8) | Oxford Union []
GaryWitt comments on Oct 31, 2019:
How extraordinary. What a level headed, intellectually grounded, genuinely inspiring speech. I cannot recall hearing anything like it before.
In a room full of people, who all spout the exact same thoughts, it’s a sure bet an extremely ...
GaryWitt comments on Oct 30, 2019:
I’m loath to assert the existence of a wide-spread, sinister, all-encompassing conspiracy to explain this behavior. But it is tempting to do so, I agree. Instead, I see the whole thing as a bandwagon that people hop on and off of at various times and in response to various events. I mean, there’s no conspiracy to a flock of birds or a school of fish. That behavior is instinctual rather than intelligent.
[] Jordan Peterson. "The Psychology of Identity."
GaryWitt comments on Oct 29, 2019:
Another great post. Thank you. Do you know where and when he gave this talk?
Help please.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 29, 2019:
Can’t find it. Tried Fredrick Douglass, Booker T. Washington. Also tried Bing in place of Google. Came up empty.
Odd the fervor with which they partisan
GaryWitt comments on Oct 29, 2019:
Democracy does die in darkness. WaPo has been pulling the blinds on us.
Mike Pompeo Arraigns Washington Post Over ‘Sick’ Headline for ISIS Leader’s Obituary
GaryWitt comments on Oct 28, 2019:
The word “ruthless” comes to mind. “Contemptible,” “bloodthirsty,” “barbaric,” and “merciless.” Did the Post use any of those?
Judge Cancels November Hearing After Powell's Explosive Brief To Dismiss Flynn's Case - Sara A.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 28, 2019:
Inching toward justice.
Identity Politics & The Marxist Lie of White Privilege - An impassioned Dr. JBP. []
GaryWitt comments on Oct 27, 2019:
A remarkable post. Thank you. The individual as the smallest minority is an important theme. It is perhaps a “self evident truth.” And accepting responsibility for your own life is really a corollary or logical next step. Crucial.
Renegade Playmate - Episode 1: "Collector's Item" - YouTube
GaryWitt comments on Oct 26, 2019:
The Playboy created by Hefner had a singular vision. It was aesthetic, political, and intellectual, but it was unified and internally consistent. There was thought behind it, and for that reason it commanded a certain amount of respect. Hef wanted to make money, for sure, and he did, for sure. But his primary aim, I think, was to express his own viewpoint on matters he considered important. Agree or disagree, you have to admire his effort. There will never be another like him.
4200 Word piece on a guy I never heard of and a lot of ideas strung together in ways I've never ...
GaryWitt comments on Oct 21, 2019:
First I’ve heard of M. Maurras. Probably for political reasons, if the article presents his ideas accurately. If he combined monarchism with antisemitism, supported the Vichy government during the Nazi occupation, and yet advocated a hyper-nationalism, then most of his work is either frowned upon or outright banned. This, despite the fact that each of these threads is clearly represented in broad swaths of the population of France today. It’s just not something the country is willing to talk about, much less admit.
San Francisco... it works both ways idiots.... []
GaryWitt comments on Oct 20, 2019:
Actually I’m not convinced it does work both ways. As Sasse pointed out, you don’t see Nebraska passing travel bans to states that allow abortion beyond the first trimester. But more importantly the idea that such a ban will change minds is seriously flawed. If the people in SF were really all that smart they’d see that.
[] Greta. Paul Joseph Watson.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 19, 2019:
All I can say is yes. And thank you.
Jordan Peterson has inspired me and helped focus my attention on what is truly important in my life ...
GaryWitt comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Yes. It is seeking truth, but it is also ensuring that your own words are true. This is incredibly difficult. I’m engaged in the very same work myself. I wish you well. Please know that you are not alone.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 19, 2019:
I dunno. The assertion that our economy is increasingly “financialized” seems just... stupid. It’s like saying that road seems overly paved, or that book has ‘way too much print, or that steak is too meaty. What the hell does that even mean?
[] Jordan Peterson s Spiritual Awakening.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Extraordinary content. I want to accomplish what JP has accomplished. I want to start by paying strict attention to what I say and do. This will be most interesting.
I do not know.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 19, 2019:
This is a good group. There are trolls, to be sure, but they are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
[] JP Don t Waste Your Life. 11 Minutes That Will Change Your Perspective on Life.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 18, 2019:
So much packed into this one video. One favorite moment: You can’t suffer pointlessly without becoming bitter, and you can’t be bitter without becoming cruel. And then he turns around and gives you a plan to rebel against that path. Absolutely fantastic.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 17, 2019:
I love it. Thank you for the insanely funny post.
The gender wage gap...Doesn't exist. []
GaryWitt comments on Oct 16, 2019:
Well yeah ok, men and women sure. But what about the pay gap between non-binary queer baristas and quasi-cis mostly trans, bi Uber drivers? Huh? What about that wage gap? Is anyone gonna do something about that wage gap? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Bunch of Nazis.
2019 is a trip...
GaryWitt comments on Oct 16, 2019:
The Pooh meme is absolutely the best I’ve seen in months.
It's sad.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 16, 2019:
I tend to agree, particularly with regard to the trolls. It’s difficult to stick around when every fourth or fifth post is just irritating nonsense. It’s especially ironic when you consider the intense censorship that is enforced elsewhere. The hecklers’ veto is on full display here. I’m not leaving. And I don’t favor shutting anyone down. But it is difficult to see any point in discussion with some on this (and probably any other) site. Thought it might be different here.
The future of our decentralized one world government []
GaryWitt comments on Oct 15, 2019:
Interesting. I’m hopeful that somewhere in this world there is a kid sitting in front of a computer in his parents’ basement looking for a way to fool these algorithms.
If anyone doubts who Xi of China is, he said about Hong Kong "If anyone attempts to split any part ...
GaryWitt comments on Oct 15, 2019:
That creative writing course he took in his sophomore year has really paid off.
Mao Tse Tung said, "power comes from the barrel of a gun."
GaryWitt comments on Oct 15, 2019:
The Colt revolver was sometimes referred to as The Equalizer.
You'll need a coffee for this one.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 11, 2019:
This episode deserves expanded coverage and distribution. We’re seeing that old dichotomy between liberty and security playing itself out on a stage populated with huge corporations that have blossomed in freedom but sold out, first with cronyism, then with woke pandering, and now with outright capitulation to an authoritarian regime. Such cowardice. Such sleaze. Such hypocrisy.
"...and the Pursuit of Happiness." What does that mean?
GaryWitt comments on Oct 10, 2019:
Most definitely. Aristotle’s whole purpose in writing the Nicomachean Ethics was to establish a foundation for morality aside from the notion of divine pronunciations. And IMHO he was largely successful. But his reasoning depends largely on the presence of that common culture that you talk about in the last paragraph of your post. He started with a presumption that his audience held a set of shared common beliefs, instilled by their upbringing. That is the basis for morality. That is its starting point.
Coffee. Mark... And cancel Culture. []
GaryWitt comments on Oct 10, 2019:
Pretty sad when Steph Curry figures his smartest option is to play dumb. Especially that dumb. Even if it’s not really a stretch, as here.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 9, 2019:
I think it captures the futility of a life lived without much introspection. Nia is not very insightful when it comes to her own feelings. Her emotions are mainly tepid. She didn’t particularly care for this or that. Her regrets don’t seem to affect her behavior significantly. Her experience of love seems fleeting, mystical and almost random. In fact, most of the events in her life seem to be accidental. Pointing this out is good, I suppose, as a warning to others; but the film doesn’t provide any guidance or even any suggestions as to how make a better path. And there are plenty of philosophers who have offered their guidance and suggestions. That’s really where life’s challenge lies: finding meaning, purpose. A Reason. So, by not exploring any alternatives, the film ends up expressing only hopelessness and despair. Which is the easy way out.
Lying Mexican mayor dragged behind truck!
GaryWitt comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Muh roads!!!!!
Sheikh Yasir Qadhi Blasts Muslim Apologists for Lying about the Age of Aisha (David Wood) ...
GaryWitt comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Hmm. Looking for an Arabic word for pedophile. Eight letters, starts with “M.”
The Right Has Its Own Version of Political Correctness. It's Just as Stifling. | Cato Institute
GaryWitt comments on Oct 8, 2019:
People who want to outlaw flag burning, or who want to require football players to stand for the anthem have a peculiar (and IMHO intellectually impoverished) view of freedom. But I’m not sure that view is “just as stifling” as its PC counterpart. Who can measure degrees of “stifling?” Moreover, we should distinguish between censorship and forced speech on the one hand (both of which are truly stifling) and “more speech” on the other when we judge the various reactions to the PC culture(s).
[] Paul Joseph Watson. This post should appear often in IDW.
GaryWitt comments on Oct 8, 2019:
I’m starting to change my mind on this issue. Perhaps social media deserve the same legislative treatment today that lunch counters in the Deep South received in the 60s and 70s. Of course we don’t have Jim Crow. But if the government can force a baker to bake a particular message on a cake, or a t-shirt vendor to inscribe a particular design then why can’t the government require FB to carry all viewpoints?
An interesting Hillary email.. []
GaryWitt comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Which one? Thx.
Coffee and Mark Dice...Talking about....South Park ? []
GaryWitt comments on Oct 8, 2019:
I’m starting to really like this Mark Dice dude.

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