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Illegals Getting SSNs Within Four Months of Crossing Border
Thirty million UN voters

1patriot 9 July 10

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Much too late. OUt here in CaCaLand illegal aliens can immediately apply for a drivers license and get registered at the same time.
Is it legal for such criminals to vote? Of course not. But, CaCaLand has been a one-party state for years and the democrats don't care about laws. Anyhoo, who said the mailin ballots would actually get to the criminals?

they would tell them to met some place hand them illegal ballots in person

@1patriot Oh, much too complex. "address" listed in application is routinely an empty lot. It is listed by USPS as an actual address, so that counts. Then, when the ballots are printed out they are "mailed". In reality, a DNC operative goes to USPS and collects on behalf of "residents". These thousands of ballots are then returned to other operatives for "voting".
Thousands of these were handled like this in Detroit in 2020.

Actual mailin ballots are never intended to be handed to anyone. After all, even an illegal alien knows he cannot legally vote. Mailin ballots are about as honest as green energy and mRNA vax -- corrupt at the core.

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