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Will Biden debate?

An illness?

Some event making the venue 'unaccessible'?

Some claim about security?

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tracycoyle 8 Sep 26

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I vote no, just because the left knows how bad it would be, but, man, do I hope that he does!


He'll contract covid and won't be able to attend any debates at all


He would have to. Even a bad debate would be less damaging to his optics than not debating at all. Him hiding in the basement tanked his already skewed favorable numbers


maybe the Dems will use this as a perfect time and place to have Joe "regretfully step down" and to announce his replacement who will then debate Trump...


I couldn't believe they would let him debate, but, then, I couldn't believe they would let him stay in the race, accept the nomination, etc. So, I think their track record up to now makes me think they will let him debate after all.

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