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I am the primary teaching pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Bloomington, Illinois, where I have served since 1993. I received my B.A. in Biblical Studies from Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina, and I received my M.Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. I am also a U.S. Navy veteran and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. And, by the way, my last name has a silent β€˜h’ and is pronounced β€˜troop.’


TRUMP Goes Off on "SMART" Putin Commenthttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Mar 1, 2022:
Sadly, Trump is right.
Joe Biden is either ‘unhinged, confused or lying’[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 28, 2022:
Biden is either "unhinged, confused or lying. There are no other options." I choose 'D' -- all of the above. 😁
Dog Enjoys Playing With Football in Playgroundhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 28, 2022:
LOL! I'm an American who clicked on the link to this post assuming that I would see a dog playing with one of these:
State Dept Spox Left SPEECHLESS After This Questionhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 28, 2022:
Just another example of the inconsistent, toothless policy of the Biden administration.
Progressive's Absurd Response to the Ukraine Crisishttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 28, 2022:
"It actually makes me uncomfortable to read this kind of nonsense because it is just so detached from reality. It is a mark of a certain kind of ideological derangement." Yep!
How the Biden Admin Has Cleared the Way for the CCP's Theft and ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 28, 2022:
Right on.
That's awesome.
KeithThroop comments on Feb 28, 2022:
Thanks for that. It made me laugh. :)
Will the Supreme Court overturn Roe?[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 28, 2022:
> I've always found it interesting how the Court seems to punt on big issues, right? They never want to tackle the big, big issues. Not true, Mr. Spicer. Roe v. Wade is itself an example of not only how they tackled a big issue, but how they legislated from the bench in order to force on the public a view that most people in the country opposed at the time (and probably still do). Then there was the decision to legislate from the bench in order to legalize gay marriage, another point of view that most people at the time opposed. These are two prime examples involving the culture war, but others could be given. So, yes, they do tackle big issues, even doing so in a manner that defies their role as a Court and legislates from the bench points of view that could not have been passed into law by Congress because there was no public will to do so. Then, when these "laws," made up out of thin air by the Court, get challenged, that is when they "punt on big issues," when doing so just happens to preserve their own bad decisions.
Michael Knowles Vs Ben Shapiro | FACE-OFF: Famous Dead ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 27, 2022:
These things are fun to watch.
'Let history record' Joe Biden 'picked his teeth' as Putin prepared to invade ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 26, 2022:
I cringe every time I see those clips. I'm so embarrassed for my country.
I have received a lot of backlash when telling about my like and appreciation for Tulsi Gabbard (BTW...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 26, 2022:
As I recall, she left the DNC to support Bernie Sanders, who is an outright Socialist. Although she shares a number of views with Republicans, she is not a true conservative (and, sadly, neither are many RINO's these days). In my opinion, in some of her views, she is much more in the category of what used to be called "Blue Dog Democrats." She shares a number of views with conservatives, especially on some foreign policy issues, but she is definitely a liberal on key social issues. On a side note, she is extremely confused on spiritual issues, as her statements here clearly indicate: If she can claim to agree with "the teachings of both the Bhagavad-Gita and the New Testament," then she probably doesn't understand either, but she certainly doesn't understand the New Testament. So, she is apparently as inconsistent in her political perspective as she is in her religious perspective. She apparently tries to straddle the fence in both areas. At any rate, I don't see how she will ever get the support of true conservatives once they really see who she is in all of her political views.
Will Trudeau disavow the communist ideology?[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 26, 2022:
I'm guessing that the MSM in Canada didn't ask any tough questions of Trudeau for the same reasons that the MSM here in America always gives Biden a pass: They are Leftists too.
The View’s Joy Behar Complains About Her Vacation Plans Amid the Russian ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 26, 2022:
I'm shocked to discover that Joy Behar is a self-absorbed nitwit. Who would have thought it? 😁
Why was Tamara Lich denied bail?
KeithThroop comments on Feb 25, 2022:
Lawyer Matthew Wolfson was not a very goo guy to interview, it seems to me.
LOL: Feminists Play Victim and FAILhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 24, 2022:
I agree that those who take out student loans should have to repay them.
‘Disturbing’: Australian journalist speaks out about Beijing ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 23, 2022:
Very interesting interview!
Psaki probed over if sanctions with Russia will affect ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 23, 2022:
I think they are trying to find a way to make the inflation they have already caused seem like it was really due to some nebulous national security, highly principled reason, when it is actually due to their own deliberate, inept policies here in America. At any rate, I don't think it will work.
Tulsi Gabbard reveals who Biden's sanctions really ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 23, 2022:
Although I agree with much of what Tulsi said there, I don't think we are as closed to nuclear war as she seems to think.
RAW: Alexa Lavoie shot point blank by riot police while reporting live in ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 21, 2022:
Shot for no good reason, just like Ashli Babbitt on January 6th. Thankfully, Alexa lived.
Biden is showing 'weakness' on the world stage: Rep.
KeithThroop comments on Feb 20, 2022:
"Whether you agree Ukraine should be in NATO or not, I don't believe it's worth one drop of American blood." I agree.
'They're being lied to': Trudeau 'gaslighting' Canadian people over ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 20, 2022:
Trudeau is such a creep.
Sha'Carri Richardson Cries RACISM In Russian Skater Doping Case![]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 20, 2022:
Interesting assessment of a complicated situation.
Female swimmers could send a 'powerful message' after trans swimmer 'smashes' ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 19, 2022:
I'm sickened by this travesty against these women.
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2022-02-19 WHY ATTEND ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 19, 2022:
> We need to be active members of the church of God, not shunning it. The work of the Holy Spirit will be affirmed by experience of what He does in our lives, but the experiential part does not come in isolation. It comes as we function and grow together in the body of Christ. We are not just individuals but are being built together, united in Christ, to serve the agenda and purposes of God, which He accomplishes through His church. I agree. Perhaps I will post my teaching notes on Hebrews 10:24-25 sometime soon. For now, and for what it's worth, here is a blog post I once wrote on the importance of church membership: It is entitled "Formal Church Membership: A Good and Necessary Inference," and it defends the idea that formal church membership is a biblical concept.
Mainstream Media Doxxes Freedom Convoy Donorshttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 19, 2022:
I think that Matt is probably right, that the only way to stop "journalists" from doxxing people is to dox the "journalists" who are doing it.
Dad's school board speech goes viral: We're 'taking back the wheel'[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 19, 2022:
Another hero dad! It does my heart good to see such courage and truth-telling. Harris Faulkner was also right in asserting that what unites these parents "is our Americanism." Yes, that is the answer, getting back to 100% Americanism as the source of our unity, as I pointed out here:
Thugs exposed trying to BAN @Avi Yemini from Freedom ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 18, 2022:
Great job, Avi!
Jesse Watters: They're losing voters faster than CNN is losing ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 18, 2022:
"The Democratic Party is losing voters quicker than CNN is losing viewers." LOL! Let's hope so!
Expert reveals what Putin's intention is (5:54) []
KeithThroop comments on Feb 18, 2022:
There is a lot of good stuff said there, but I don't think I agree that allowing the Russian pipeline is a good thing.
Leaked “Queer Inclusive” Presentation EXPOSES What Kids Are Being Taught in ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 17, 2022:
More reasons I'm glad that we homeschooled all three of our children.
Ingraham: Voters ready for electoral 'payback'[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 17, 2022:
I live in Illinois, where J. B. Pritzker is governor, and I can tell you that this guy doesn't care what most people in the state might think. He thinks he knows better than everyone else ... about everything. He has made every tyrannical move he could possibly get away with. Finally, even some Democrats are deciding against him (no doubt for their own political welfare), but he still apparently remains firm in his views.
Three questions to the JCVI - now wanting to vax 5-11 yr ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 17, 2022:
As usual, she asks very sensible questions that get right at the heart of the matter.
Is this true about the founder of the Church of Scientology? If so, that's crazy. πŸ˜†
KeithThroop comments on Feb 16, 2022:
So, he is an admitted tomato torturer! The scoundrel!
"A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 16, 2022:
Amen! In fact, frequently the majority opts for the lie, the wrong, and the evil.
Is Trudeau More of a Threat Than Putin?[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 15, 2022:
So infuriating.
Media allowed Russia collusion hoax to ‘spread on social media'[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 15, 2022:
Apparently the MSM in Australia is just as bad as the MSM in America. Still, though, I watch all the Sky News Australia that I can get, because they, like NewsMax here in America, are still attempting to be fair in their coverage.
'Massive scandal': Mainstream media criticised for not covering Clinton 'corruption' ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 15, 2022:
Clinton Network News (CNN, otherwise also know as Communist Network News) will never report fairly and evenhandedly on such stories.
Why a government that imprisons whistle blowers(etc.)?
KeithThroop comments on Feb 14, 2022:
I guess it would depend on how one defines a "whistle-blower." There are laws that protect whistle-blowers under certain circumstances (e.g., , ), but not everyone who claims to be a whistle-blower necessarily qualifies. For example, if a person knowingly breaks the law himself while uncovering something he thinks should be uncovered but is not actually illegal in itself, such a person cannot expect whistle-blower protections, at least not as I understand it. So, again, I think it depends on how one defines the term. Some people use the term very broadly rather than in a more narrow, legal sense.
Trudeau Threatens Military Action, Truckers Refuse To Leave As Fight Ensues Over Bridge ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 13, 2022:
Right, the U.S. is not a democracy; it is a republic.
Border patrol at their wit’s end: Former acting DHS ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 13, 2022:
We have the "border crisis" -- i.e. an open border -- because the Biden administration wants it that way.
Jordan Peterson's observation reveals the 'story of Scott Morrison'[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 13, 2022:
Yes, Peterson hit the nail on the head, as usual.
Radical Leftist I Debated On Dr. Phil SPEAKS OUThttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 13, 2022:
I'm glad that Matt is following up with this, because these people's tactics need to be exposed.
Homeless man says this liberal city practically pays him to be ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 13, 2022:
San Fransisco is definitely a good example of what *not* to do.
Matt Walsh Calls Out Gucci's Horrible Treatment of Jim Jones []
KeithThroop comments on Feb 12, 2022:
The video didn't work for me, but I was able to find it on YouTube. I enjoyed Matt's typical sardonic wit.
Jordan Peterson Gives the Simple Reason So Many Are Leaving the Left | Direct Message | Rubin ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Dave seeks to redefine the term *conservative* to be a broader term than it has historically been, as I understand it. He is not the only one who has tried to do this in recent years, however, as his mention of both Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump indicates. But I think this is not a good thing. Dave says he is a Conservative because he wants to conserve the Constitution, so I suppose we could call him a "Constitutional Conservative" and distinguish him from what we might, then, call "Cultural Conservatives" (who still believe in God, for example, and stand against abortion and gay marriage). The problem with making a distinction such as that, however, is that it pretends that a person can truly stand for the Constitution while rejecting the worldview that actually gave us the Constitution in the first place, the worldview that provides the context in which the Constitution makes sense and is workable. In my view, an agnostic man who is for abortion and gay marriage is *not* a Conservative, even if he -- inconsistently -- wants to conserve some of what a Conservative worldview has given him. At best, he is a Semi-conservative, but I don't think I want to redefine the traditional understanding of the term *conservative* in order to count him as one of us. After all, once we allow such a redefinition, we have actually undermined Conservatism and irrevocably taken steps toward its destruction, as well as the destruction of the Constitution that men such as Dave say they want to conserve.
40% Of Gen Z Is GAY According To New Pollshttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 11, 2022:
Well said, Michael.
Canadian protesters tell Hannity how they feel about 'gutless, spineless, cowardly' ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 11, 2022:
I'm so proud of those Canadian patriots. What a great example they are setting!
US trucker has a message for Biden: We are against ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 11, 2022:
I'm glad Tucker persists in reporting fairly on this issue.
Hawley Goes NUCLEAR On The Lack Of Accountability After Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 11, 2022:
I hope Josh Hawley keeps his word and, if and when the Republicans take over the Congress, he will still want public hearings and accountability.
Tucker: Justin Trudeau is attacking human rightshttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 10, 2022:
Great segment. Very informative and right on the money.
Google pulls ads on meteorologist tracking climate for ‘unreliable and harmful ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 10, 2022:
I'm glad Sky News has exposed this issue.
Canadian Government FURIOUS As Tow Companies Announce They REFUSE To Tow Freedom Convoy ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 8, 2022:
"The truckers have won." Let's hope so.
BASED Mom CRUSHES Woke School Superintendenthttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 8, 2022:
We need more hero moms like her! :)
Gaetz BLASTS Biden's Focus On Ukraine: "China Is A Rising Power, Russia Is A Declining ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 8, 2022:
I hope Matt Gaetz has an even more pronounced role in the next Congress.
The government is very happy to have us dividedhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 8, 2022:
That is a great message of unity.
CBP Agent Shuttling Illegals Tells Veritas Reporter "There's no one patrolling the ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 7, 2022:
Talk about infuriating.
Covid-Cops STORM Church during servicehttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 6, 2022:
I'm glad Fox News has helped Avi top get the word out.
Spotify will ‘cause trouble’ either way over Joe ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 6, 2022:
Although I'm not a fan of Joe Rogan, I certainly hope he does not cave to the cancel culture.
Ingraham: BLM under investigationhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 5, 2022:
I'm glad that the Indiana Attorney General is going after the illegal activities of BLM. As a Hoosier, it makes me proud. :)
Cheney And Kinzinger Get CENSURED After Official RNC ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 4, 2022:
Those two RINOs are finally being driven from the party.
John Ford's Stagecoach (1939) was the big break for John Wayne, and also starred Louise Platt who ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 4, 2022:
One of the best westerns ever.
Jordan Peterson Teaches Joe Rogan about the Cross![youtube.]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 4, 2022:
As I have pointed out in a previous comment (here: ), Peterson needs to put down Jung when he reads the Bible. If he had really paid attention to what Jesus was saying, he would have understood that the people of Israel were not simply motivated to be brave, they were called upon to believe the promise of the LORD that they would be saved if they looked to the bronze serpent. They were called to put their faith in the LORD to save them. Thus, when the Lord Jesus spoke of this type, He said, ""And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, *that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.* For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" (Jn. 3:14-16 NKJ, italics mine). So, the point is that there is no salvation without trusting in Jesus and His promises.
Morgan Freeman Silences '60 Minutes' Host By Insulting Black History Month | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 4, 2022:
Morgan Freeman is a breath of fresh air on this issue, and, unlike many of the younger generation on the Left these days, he actually lived through racism as a child.
Christians and Narrow Mindedness (2:33) []
KeithThroop comments on Feb 4, 2022:
Jesus also said, "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it" (Matt. 7:13-14 NKJ). For those who are interested, I have a published some teaching notes on this passage here:
Biden Is Coming For Our 2nd Amendment Rightshttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 4, 2022:
Really? At the time that the Second Amendment was passed, a person couldn't buy a cannon? I would like to see proof of that statement rather than take Joe Biden's word for it. After all, the guy has demonstrated a rather loose relationship with the truth over the years.
LOL: Black Law Students Demand CRY SPACES and SNACKShttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 3, 2022:
For crying out loud, those students need to grow up. (Pun intended)
32 short, to the point, snippets about the Reformation and the reason for it.
KeithThroop comments on Feb 3, 2022:
I can't get the video to work for some reason, but I agree that the Reformation was necessary and that we need to get back to the same principles, such as the "Five Solas" explained, for example, here:
KeithThroop comments on Feb 3, 2022:
Nothing new there.
Canadian truckers, NHS100K, the Boer, Auzzie Patriots Great Americans.
KeithThroop comments on Feb 2, 2022:
What encouraging news!
DeSantis OBLITERATES Lying Dems For Trying To Smear His ...
KeithThroop comments on Feb 1, 2022:
Ron DeSantis would make a very good president.
Will the Freedom Convoy's Surprise Move Force Justin Trudeau to Respond?
KeithThroop comments on Feb 1, 2022:
Those truckers are heroes.
'Not up to the job': Nigel Farage slams Joe Biden as 'completely hopeless'[]
KeithThroop comments on Feb 1, 2022:
"There you go. You put the Left in power, and they make a complete, bloomin' mess of it." Yep!
Canadians ‘understandably angry’ they don’t have same freedoms as ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
"The Left only believe in free speech when they're doing the talking." Right on.
When you understand that your feelings are triggered by what you think about an event and not by the...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
As the Apostle Paul teaches the Christian: "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, *but be transformed by the renewing of your mind*, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (Rom. 12:1-2 NKJ, italics mine) Although our feelings are not unimportant, Paul teaches us that character transformation does not begin with feelings but with the mind, with how we think. Right affections will flow from right thinking.
45 / 47 DJT takes the stage in Houstonhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
"The good news is we are going to make America great again ... again." I'm looking forward to it, President Trump.
'They're defending freedom': Trump praises Canada's trucker ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
President Trump actually said that "the Canadian truckers ... who are resisting bravely these lawless mandates are doing more to defend *American* freedom than our own leaders by far, and we want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way." I think this was his way of saying that their protest in Canada is doing more to inspire and encourage Americans in their own struggle for freedom right now than our own current leaders are. I think he is right.
Canadian Freedom Convoy: What's REALLY Happening?[]
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
"People have started to get their voice here in Canada, and this convoy has given them that voice." Glad to see it!
Left-wing critics levelling 'crazy, crazy' conspiracy theories against high-school fact ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
Although I'm sure the kid means well and appears to be doing a good job, for which he should be commended rather than criticized, his claim to be "entirely unbiased" is, of course, naive. But I'm sure he will learn someday that the best way to be unbiased is to recognize our biases so that we can check them. After all, the most biased people, in the end, are those who think they have no biases.
‘Absolutely disgraceful’: Ardern’s ‘shameful’ barring of pregnant ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
"This is absolutely disgraceful." "This is absurd stuff." Yep!
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2022-01-31 THE PARABLE OF ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
Anderson brings out some good points there, but, for what it's worth, I have gone into a bit more depth in some teaching notes on "Parable of the Householder" that I have posted here: I hope the readers find these notes helpful for further study.
New Information From DOJ Could Exonerate a Number of January 6th ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
I'm glad that Dinesh is not letting this go and is continuing to give us such good information.
I've been impressed with JP's commentary on a wide variety of political issues for a number of years...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 31, 2022:
Great video. Hopefully he will change some other minds as well.
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2022-01-30 THE PARABLE ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 30, 2022:
For what it's worth, I've posted some teaching notes on "Parable of the Dragnet" here: 'The conclusion to this message, and its obvious application, is to see this parable for what it is, a clear warning about the certainty, finality, and horror of the coming judgment of God. It is no joking matter, and, however unpopular we may find the subject or how uncomfortable it may be for us to think about it, Jesus demands that we do so! After all, the eternal destiny of each one of us is on the line!"
Bongino: They're attacking family and religionhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Jan 30, 2022:
Dan's analysis is spot on.
A rural church for this Sunday morning...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 30, 2022:
Great photograph.
God is sovereign in redemption, a fact that explains why we thank God for our salvation and pray to ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 30, 2022:
Right on, brother.
My friend and favorite historian, Mark Milliorn, wrote a short piece about the war that happened ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 30, 2022:
A very interesting article.
Border agents confront CBP chief over Biden’s policy in leaked ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
The border situation under Biden is both saddening and infuriating.
DEBUNK Cringe NFL Commercials PART 2 | Viewer Request![]
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
I have also stopped watching the NFL, and for the same reasons.
What are some misconceptions about covenant theology? []
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
Well done by Ligon Duncan.
Biden Wants NO WHITE People or Men | Supreme Courthttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
As usual, Michael makes some great points.
Trump Just Dropped a Big Clue About the 2024 Election, Dave Rubin Reacts | POLITICS | Rubin ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
I would be happy to see Trump as the 47th president, although I might even be happier to see Ron DeSantis as the 47th president.
The Most Successful “Female” Ever to Appear on Jeopardy! Is Actually a Biological ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
Matt is right. Conservatives cannot use their "preferred pronouns" and be consistent in our argument. When we give up the proper use of pronouns, which reflect reality, we have actually caved completely.
Howard Stern PILES on Joe Rogan ATTACKShttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
What!? You mean to tell me that Howard Stern and Neil Young are actually hypocrites!? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say! 😁
Royal Commission into COVID needed to deliver 'genuine answers'[]
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
I think Rowan Dean offers some good ideas for questions that need to be asked in any investigation into the handling of the Wuhan Flu in Australia. in fact, similar questions ought to be seriously asked in much of America as well.
Tucker: This is a slow motion disasterhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
Right on, Tucker.
Why Millions Per Year Are Leaving Islam | Dinesh D'Souza (8:29) []
KeithThroop comments on Jan 29, 2022:
Good news.
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2022-01-28 THE PARABLE OF THE ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 28, 2022:
For what it's worth, I have posted some teaching notes on the "Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price" here: Although what it says about our Lord Jesus is true, I think the devotional above misunderstands the Parable of the Hidden Treasure.
'Fun to watch' the White House 'squirm' at suggestions of Kamala Harris' ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 27, 2022:
I don't think there is any real possibility that Kamala Harris will become a Supreme Court Justice. But, then, just when I think that Leftists Democrats couldn't get any more foolish, they end up doing something as stupid as this, so, who knows? After all, they nominated Joe Biden for president.
Police THREATEN two years jail if I don't REMOVE this ...
KeithThroop comments on Jan 27, 2022:
I'm glad that Rebel News is on the job and will not back down. We need groups like them (in Canada and Australia) and Project Veritas (here in America) to keep standing for freedom.

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