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I am the primary teaching pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Bloomington, Illinois, where I have served since 1993. I received my B.A. in Biblical Studies from Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina, and I received my M.Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. I am also a U.S. Navy veteran and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. And, by the way, my last name has a silent ‘h’ and is pronounced ‘troop.’


CNN's Don Lemon says anti-Trump rhetoric doesn’t make him biased []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 28, 2020:
So, let me get this straight. You redefine truth as whatever you want it to be. Then you claim that anything that you personally find truthful cannot possibly be based on your own bias. And then you spout it as objective, unbiased journalism. Postmodern ~~thought~~ nonsense at work here if I ever saw it.
WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protesters Harass Vernon Jones Outside White House []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 28, 2020:
I'm sure those "protesters" are completely oblivious to the fact that they probably just made Vernon Jones even more emphatic in his support for President Trump.
More US jobs lost to coronavirus pandemic are disappearing permanently []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 28, 2020:
I can't help but think that this is what some Democrat governors are actually hoping for.
KeithThroop comments on Aug 28, 2020:
I'm fast approaching the point where nothing these Leftists do surprises me anymore.
WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protesters Surround Rand Paul for Several Minutes After RNC ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 28, 2020:
This behavior is so terrible and so pointless.
About sums it up...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Sad, but true.
George Floyd Died of Health Complications from a Fentanyl Overdose — He Was Not Murdered By ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
What are the chances that these facts will make any appreciable difference to the Left? Pretty minimal I'm guessing.
Pelosi says Biden shouldn't debate Trump: 'I wouldn't legitimize a conversation with him' ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
We all know the real reason she doesn't want any debates. She and other democrat leaders know full well that there is very little likelihood that it won't be a political disaster for them.
Biden on Riots: This Is ‘Trump’s America’ — ‘Rooting for More Violence’ ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Hmm ... All of the cities with rioting are Democrat run cities, most of whom have refused any help offered by President Trump, yet this is to be blamed on him? It doesn't make any sense at all to say this, well, at least not to anyone except for Biden and his supporters.
Tom Cotton promises to ‘expose’ Biden as ‘weak and wrong for America’ in RNC speech ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
I'm looking forward to his speech.
Here is a video statement from Jack Trieber, Pastor of North Valley Baptist Church, on the "Cease ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
I am praying that the leaders in these cities will come to their senses and see clearly how unfair and arbitrary they have been in their rules. I am also praying that the courts will defend the rights of these churches. One thing is certain, many of us will continue to do what is right before God regardless of what the state says.
NBA Players Decide to Continue Season, Pursue Other Social Justice Initiatives []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
At this point, I can't imagine there are many people who care what the NBA players do.
Video: Protesters Break Jaw of 71-Year-Old Kenosha Man Fending Off Vandals []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
So sad. I hope they get the person(s) responsible.
“You have become what you are resisting.” Bette Midler’s attack on Melania Trump exposes the ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Hmm ... Melania actually spoke very excellent English. Her grammar, syntax, and vocabulary were spot on. She just happens to speak excellent English with a Slovenian accent. Apparently Bette Midler herself doesn't know English well enough to know when it's spoken well. That is what her comment would suggest anyway. If she was trying to be funny rather than serious with her comment, then it shows she is not really ignorant of the nuances of her own language; she's just mean.
Trump says he wants drug tests before debates with Biden []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
And once again President Trump gets them talking about Joe Biden in exactly the way he wants them to talk about Joe Biden.
CNN panned for on-air graphic reading 'fiery but mostly peaceful protest' in front of Kenosha fire...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
What has led Communist Network News to be so brazen? With actually thinking they can get people to believe them instead of their own eyes? Well, they basically got away with such things for years, and they apparently have been laboring under the false assumption that they can still keep getting away with it now, not recognizing that President Trump and alternative media sources have finally pierced the veil they have had in place for so long.
Kayleigh McEnany: After my 2018 preventive double mastectomy, here’s how I’m doing ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 27, 2020:
Her speech last night drew tears from my wife and I, as has happened several times during this convention.
NBA Gets Woke Goes Broke AGAIN, Players Are "Traumatized" And REFUSE To Play, Ratings Drop 40% - ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
As I pointed out elsewhere, hardly anyone was watching anyway. But these self-important prima donnas are so out of touch that they probably actually think most people will care that they are not playing.
Chinese State Media Would Prefer Biden Presidency, Says He Would Be ‘Smoother’ to Deal With Than...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
That isn't at all surprising.
Golden Rule
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
It is because they are sinners in need of salvation. For what it's worth, I actually deal with this teaching of the Lord Jesus in what became a blog post a couple years ago. You might find it helpful.
Media Blackout: North Carolina Man Arrested For Shooting at Crowd of Trump Supporters, Which ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
I'm glad they got the guy.
BREAKING: Shots Fired in Kenosha – One Person Shot in the Head While Looting a Car Shop – SECOND...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
As people defend their lives and livelihoods, we will be hearing of more incidents like this, and, sadly, those defending themselves will probably be the ones who are charged with a crime.
CNN’s Cuomo: ‘People Were Saying You Didn’t Fact-Check the Democrats — They Are Not Lying ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
When he says that, Cuomo himself is lying the way he claims Trump does.
So I just asked this question on Quora. ([] You may wish to add your thoughts there ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
Of course not! And they shouldn't be looting in the first place! What kind of a question is that? 😕
Police charged the Antifa shield wall hard, not holding back on beating the rioters with batons ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
More evidence of just how tough those Antifa types really are. 😉
Jacob Blake protests: Kenosha police hunt for suspect with long gun after 2 killed, 1 wounded in ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
Let's hope they catch this shooter.
Oregon governor considers releasing 400 prisoners as coronavirus precaution: report []...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
Of course he's considering this, because that's exactly what the state needs right now -- more criminals on the streets. &#x1F615
Portland police declare riot after protesters break windows, enter City Hall []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
Oh, so it's a riot when they go after the Democrat dominated city hall, but not when they destroy police stations, businesses, or homes. Typical double standard, but maybe now that it has hit even closer to home they will want to ask for the National Guard? We can only hope this will bring them to their senses, but I'm not holding my breath.
Paul Kengor: Marxists Always Said if They Can Infiltrate 1% of Society, They Can Control the Other ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 26, 2020:
The link didn't work for me. It took me to the Western Journal site, but there was a "error 404" message on the page. As for the headline, we'll see if that comes to pass in this country at this time. I suspect it will not. I suspect that they have misjudged the timing of their attempted takeover.
We will never get America back if we do not stand up . . . with faces bare. []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 25, 2020:
It's hard to disagree with anything there.
Dem Gov deploys National Guard to Kenosha, leftists meltdown, but rioters already showing why it's ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 25, 2020:
It's nice to see a Democrat governor react in a sensible manner for a change.
Video Shows Jacob Blake Brawling with Police Before Shooting []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 25, 2020:
This looks to be another justified shooting that is being distorted into supposed racism.
[] Hillary Clinton Brags About How Democrats Are Going to Try to Steal the ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 25, 2020:
I'm not at all surprised. I only hope the Democrat efforts to steal the election fail, just as their coup attempt failed. I just hope this time that the country doesn't have to go through the same protracted trial before they fail.
NYU student group advocates for racially segregated housing... [] A student ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 24, 2020:
Sadly, it sounds like New York University is going to cave in.
Here is the very unbiased CNN Reporter talking to the Chairman of the Proud Boys []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 24, 2020:
This guy did such a good job in this biased interview.
Here is the very unbiased CNN Reporter talking to the Chairman of the Proud Boys []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 24, 2020:
Good grief! If anyone can find a similar interview by a CNN reporter of either an Antifa or a BLM "protester," I would sure like to see it. I'm not holding my breath waiting though.
Anyone want to bet that if people were told that Trump had signed an anti-nuke deal with North Korea...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 24, 2020:
LOL! Right, that was more of a rhetorical question.
Second in a series on the resurrection: That the resurrection body of both the good and the evil ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 24, 2020:
W.G.T. Shedd was quite a theologian.
North Korea has likely developed mini nukes to fit into warheads of ballistic missiles: report ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 23, 2020:
Now that would not be a good thing!
[] Kim Jong Un in coma, sister set to take control, South Korean ex-diplomat alleges...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 23, 2020:
We'll see.
"Taps" performed in Arlington National Cemetery (summer and winter) - YouTube
KeithThroop comments on Aug 23, 2020:
I have stood at present arms or saluted many times while taps has played. It moves me every single time. Some day it will be played at my funeral and the Honor Guard will fire the three-volley salute. I hope that isn't for a long time yet.
Protesters Descend on Postmaster General’s Home in NC
KeithThroop comments on Aug 23, 2020:
There are no depths to which they will not stoop.
BUSTED: Joe Biden Delivered the Same Speech in 2020 He Gave in 2008 – Same Old Lies in Rehashed ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 23, 2020:
At least this time he is only plagiarizing himself.
An interesting philosophical statement. What do you think?
KeithThroop comments on Aug 22, 2020:
Well, I think that there is definitely reason to suspect that there is bias or politicization among scientists, and I suspect that there are even some who are tempted by money in their work, just as their are some politicians for whom that is the case. It depends on the issue or the situation, I guess. For example, there seems to be some reason for the inconsistency of Anthony Fauci other than simply the dictates of science.
Tennessee mom says parents asked to sign 'ridiculous' waiver they will not eavesdrop on kids' online...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 22, 2020:
Frankly, I suspect that the more that parents listen in, the more they will want to send their children to private schools or to homeschool them. The latter is a growing trend that I hope more and more people will join.
Rep. Jeff Van Drew slams Dems for putting this in USPS funding bill: 'What are they thinking?' ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 22, 2020:
I'll tell you what they were thinking. They were thinking that they could put in a poison pill that would make it impossible for many conservatives to vote for the bill. Then they could turn around and falsely claim, "See, we told you they want to stop your vote by making sure the USPS is underfunded and can't handle mail-in ballots." It's their typical nonsense. In fact, this whole issue about the USPS being used to hinder voting is nonsense.
6 states sue USPS saying changes have harmed ability to conduct 'free and fair elections' ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 22, 2020:
Good grief! Is there no end to the litigious nonsense of the Left, constantly seeking to politicize the courts to achieve their ends.
BLM member arrested in case of vicious attack on driver in Portland- []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 22, 2020:
Now, if they can just start arresting the rest of them.
KeithThroop comments on Aug 21, 2020:
I have had no problems.
Thoughts on this one? 'Principled conservatives' endorsing the most progressive ticket in recent ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 21, 2020:
Obviously they really have no principles, at least not the conservative principles they both once claimed to have. For, if they did have those principles, there is absolutely no way they could or would ever endorse Joe Biden.
Because they’re nuckin futs “It never occurred to me that somebody would actually reject a ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 21, 2020:
The good thing is that their rejection of the pardon doesn't make the slightest bit of difference. President Trump still pardoned her, and there is nothing they can do about it.
Tony Heller - We Are Democrats []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 21, 2020:
Pretty much says it all. No doubt most Democrat leaders would see this and deny that it really represents Democrats, but, until they clearly and completely denounce such riots and violence, such denials will fall on deaf ears so far as I'm concerned. As it is, they are actually enabling such behavior.
New York City Is A Shithole []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 21, 2020:
It's so sad what is happening in New York and other Democrat run cities. I hope those cities will finally wake up and vote for better leaders, but I'm not holding my breath. I suspect that they will just keep finding ways to blame someone or something else other than their own bankrupt political ideology.
Chris Wallace says Biden blew 'a big hole' in Trump's 'mentally shot' claim with DNC acceptance ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 21, 2020:
I think that is more of Chris Wallace's liberal wishful thinking.
‘Contempt of Court’ Charges against MacArthur’s Grace Church, Demand $20,000 in Fines ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 20, 2020:
I guess we'll still have to wait and see what happens.
One of the Many reasons I will never vote Democrat. 1). The Democrat Party has embraced sexual ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 20, 2020:
Well said. :)
I have to admit, I really like this video. It gets so tiring hearing people say "Peaceful protests" ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 20, 2020:
Great ad.
‘It Is What It Is’ – Classless Michelle Obama Trashes Trump in Dem Convention Speech (VIDEO)...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 20, 2020:
Unfortunately, she is what she is, and her husband is what he is.
Giuliani: De Blasio ‘Pathetic,’ Trump Should Declare BLM ‘A Domestic Terror Organization’...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 20, 2020:
Yes, President Trump should definitely declare the organization BLM a domestic terror organization, along with anyone caught using terror tactics while donning BLM clothing or spouting BLM slogans. These tactics would include not only physical attacks but also threats of physical violence and intimidation, as well as the destruction of property or credible threat of the destruction of property.
Democratic National Convention Night Three []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 20, 2020:
Another night I intend to take a long walk or tune in to something else.
CNN panel shuts down guest asking how Bill Clinton hasn't been 'canceled' []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 20, 2020:
Just another example of the Democratic hypocrisy, which seemingly knows no bounds.
Hillary Clinton: Do Not Let Donald Trump ‘Sneak or Steal’ the Election []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 20, 2020:
Another prime example of how they accuse the other side of what they themselves are doing.
DNC viewership on television networks tumbles 48 percent from 2016... []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 19, 2020:
Great news!
Portland Official as City Burns: ‘There Is a Violent and Tragic History of Oppression in Our ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 19, 2020:
They are creating "a violent and tragic history of oppression" in Portland right now.
White House urges Goodyear to 'clarify their policy,' calls Blue Lives Matter an 'equity issue' ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 19, 2020:
I'm glad the the President Trump calls out such behavior.
Those tricky Chinese...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 19, 2020:
What editor thought that would be a good headline? LOL!
Chris Wallace calls Bill Clinton's DNC speech a 'cogent argument' against Trump's coronavirus ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 19, 2020:
If Wallace called something Bill Clinton argued a "cogent argument," then you can pretty much bet that it really wasn't.
It is all about posturing to show that "they care". No, they don't care unless it might further ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 19, 2020:
Yes, they are totally despicable.
"Human 2.0"? A Wake-Up Call To The World - YouTube
KeithThroop comments on Aug 18, 2020:
I'll be very interested to hear others' views on this video.
Violent Antifa and BLM Keep Showing Up At Home of Driver They Attacked — But He May Be the One ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 18, 2020:
Saddening and infuriating at the same time.
Ayanna Pressley calls for 'unrest in the streets,' over Trump-allied politicians ignoring Americans'...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 18, 2020:
Is anyone surprised?
Awww no please... Not Tom Hanks. please say it aint so []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 17, 2020:
Just found this: > Dual Nationality > > Section 101(a)(22) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) states that “the term ‘national of the United States’ means (A) a citizen of the United States, or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States.” Therefore, U.S. citizens are also U.S. nationals. Non-citizen nationality status refers only individuals who were born either in American Samoa or on Swains Island to parents who are not citizens of the United States. The concept of dual nationality means that a person is a national of two countries at the same time. Each country has its own nationality laws based on its own policy. Persons may have dual nationality by automatic operation of different laws rather than by choice. For example, a child born in a foreign country to U.S. national parents may be both a U.S. national and a national of the country of birth. Or, an individual having one nationality at birth may naturalize at a later date in another country and become a dual national. > > U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a person to choose one nationality or another. A U.S. citizen may naturalize in a foreign state without any risk to his or her U.S. citizenship. However, persons who acquire a foreign nationality after age 18 by applying for it may relinquish their U.S. nationality if they wish to do so. In order to relinquish U.S. nationality by virtue of naturalization as a citizen of a foreign state, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign nationality voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U.S. nationality. Intent may be shown by the person’s statements and conduct. > > Dual nationals owe allegiance to both the United States and the foreign country. They are required to obey the laws of both countries, and either country has the right to enforce its laws. It is important to note the problems attendant to dual nationality. Claims of other countries upon U.S. dual-nationals often place them in situations where their obligations to one country are in conflict with the laws of the other. In addition, their dual nationality may hamper efforts of the U.S. Government to provide consular protection to them when they are abroad, especially when they are in the country of their second nationality. > > U.S. nationals, including dual nationals, must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States. Dual nationals may also be required by the foreign country to use its passport to enter and leave that country. Use of the foreign passport to travel to or from a country other than the United States is not inconsistent with U.S. law. ...
Awww no please... Not Tom Hanks. please say it aint so []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 17, 2020:
One article I read said that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have dual U.S. and Greek citizenship. Now, if my memory serves, the U.S. does not recognize dual citizenship (although there is some debate about this) even if other countries do. So, for example, while I have friends that have dual citizenship in other countries such as Panama and Jordan, and this dual status is a great help to them in those countries, they are throughly committed citizens of the U.S., which does not fully recognize the legitimacy of their citizenship in these other countries. In these cases, however, my friends did not seek out this dual citizenship as Hanks and Wilson apparently did. In each case it was automatic because the one was born in Panama and the other has a Jordanian father (although the person was actually born here). But why would Hanks and Wilson seek out such dual citizenship. Or why would they accept it if it was offered to them? Well, apparently Wilson's roots go way back in Greece, Hanks converted to Greek Orthodoxy when he married her, and they have property there and have spent a lot of time there overs the years. Maybe they just wanted the benefits that would come from such citizenship when they spend so much time there? Especially since they could do it without relinquishing their U.S. citizenship? It's possible, I suppose. And it wouldn't necessitate some sort of conspiracy, even if it isn't something I could ever imagine myself doing.
Lecture 1, The Problem of Canon: Opponents of Christianity are launching bold new attacks against ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 17, 2020:
Michael Kruger is my favorite author on the New Testament canon. His book "Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books" is probably the best on the subject.
Lara Logan accuses mainstream media of waging 'information warfare' with slanted coverage of Antifa,...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 17, 2020:
Almost every time I see a piece by Lara I remember what good reporting is supposed to be. She usually exemplifies it quite well. I wish there were more like her.
Group claims to have enough signatures to recall Oklahoma mayor who cut police funding ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 17, 2020:
Good. I hope they succeed.
Now WrongTrump is trending on Twitter. For a moment can you imagine the outrage if some Democrat, ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 17, 2020:
I wish I could say that I am surprised, but the Left has shown no concern for the lives of millions of unborn human beings, young black men being killed at an alarming rate in places like Chicago, police men and women being harmed or killed, etc. This is just who they are. No human life seems to be important to them unless it serves some political end they have in mind, and even then it apparently isn't because they actually care about the lives lost, but only what they can gain from those losses. Who really thinks, for example, that such people (as those who made the hashtag in question) were actually saddened by the death of George Floyd? They run around saying, "I can't breath!" But the reality is that they can't seem to feel for anyone but themselves and their own political agenda.
American Announcement —
KeithThroop comments on Aug 16, 2020:
Yes, I think Romney has shown that his own petty desire to obstruct the President and to prevent his administration from arriving at or revealing the truth justifies completely my total mistrust of him when he ran for president himself.
Count your Blessings - YouTube
KeithThroop comments on Aug 16, 2020:
Thanks for sharing. :)
I have to say.... "Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago said there had to be consequences for the looting ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 16, 2020:
I really wish I could say, "Now wait a a cotton pickin' minute! You know that is not a fair thing to say!" But, hey, when you're right, you're right!
Oh, God. It’s worse than you remember. []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 15, 2020:
It is hard not to laugh, especially when the guys in the video are so genuinely laughing, but it really is a sad thing to watch if you think about it. It seems to me that this guy is clearly being exploited. One thing is certain, however, which is that he is definitely not capable of being our next president.
Should Judge Sullivan Be Disqualified from Flynn Case? An Appeals Court Is Asking ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 15, 2020:
Yes, absolutely! He has telegraphed his bias quite clearly and repeatedly.
The 1958 “Psychological Warfare” Plan Playing Out Before Us []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 15, 2020:
I'm not usually a guy who gets into "conspiracy theories," but, hey, this REALLY IS a conspiracy. And they even wrote about it and told us what they were going to do for crying out loud!
CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! That’s the sound of dominoes starting to fall. And so up the ladder. Where...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 15, 2020:
I, too, am skeptical. Will there be numerous arrests and people appropriately held accountable? Maybe. But I'm not holding my breath.
Trump on guilty plea from Durham probe: ‘Just the beginning - YouTube
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
I certainly hope this is just the beginning.
Jon Voight Video: This Nation Has Been Altered With Darkness
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
A bit over the top at a few points, but a good message overall.
Graham: FBI director committed to holding officials accountable who broke law at origin of Russia ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
I think I can be forgiven my cynicism when I say, I'll believe it when I see it.
Should parents have a choice of where to send their children to school? The teacher's union ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
Yes, parents should have the choice, and I support the idea of charter schools. I am nervous about the idea of school vouchers, however. My concern is that such vouchers will inevitably be seen as subsidies and that once they are accepted the government will then try to tell us what we can do if we take them. This will end up taking away the very choice we seek to have over the education of our children. I prefer the kind of competition that charter schools brings, so that parents can choose the kind of school to which they want to send their children. This may make it more difficult to pay for schooling for some parents, which is one of the factors (although not the the primary one) that led my wife and I to homeschool all three of our children. I'm sure I need to think about this more, though.
Are Male Brains Different from Female Brains?
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
I think this article provides a good example of why so many people these days are beginning not to trust "science." It is becoming more and more obvious all the time that the presuppositions of scientists have a great deal to do how they go about their work and influences the conclusions they reach, as the writer of the article has shown. Science appears in many ways to have been co-opted by politics and the culture war. In fact, many people see this happening with the current COVID-19 pandemic as well. Which "science" do we trust? Will the real Anthony Fauci please stand up? Etc.
Most of Nation’s Large Public School Districts Choose Totally Remote Learning []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
Hopefully this will help drive more and more people to choose homeschooling. My wife and I chose to homeschool all three of our children, and we have never regretted it for a moment. I highly recommend it for those who are capable of doing it (which would be most people).
DOJ Investigation Finds Yale Illegally Discriminates Against Asians and Whites in Undergraduate ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
I think they should go ahead and file the lawsuit now. Why give them two weeks to stop or else? there is no possible way they don't know what they have been doing is a violation of the law. But it looks like they will get away with this with a slap on the wrist at most, just what we have come to expect.
OUTRAGEOUS! Xfinity-Comcast Bans GOP Candidate Laura Loomer from Sending Texts and Emails ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
Th failure to take clear and decisive action against the forms of censorship of the Right that have been rampant of late has further emboldened this kind of behavior. These companies think they can get away with it, and the sad truth is that they probably will.
Protesters clash with police in downtown Rockford, Illinois []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 14, 2020:
It's good to see the police doing their job and stopping these so-called "protesters," who clearly violated the perimeter that had been set up and engaged in an unlawful manner with the police. I hope the violators were arrested.
Exclusive — Trump Accomplishments List: President Provides Six-Page Document Detailing Successes ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 13, 2020:
Thanks for posting this . :)
Can I nip something in the bud: If Harris' parents were legal residents in the US, not just on ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 13, 2020:
Thanks for the information.
Senior GOP Senate Source: Romney Blocking Sen. Ron Johnson From Subpoenaing Comey, Brennan ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 13, 2020:
Mitt Romney strikes again. That guy makes me want to vomit.
Two-Year-Old Cancer Patient Misses Birthday Celebration Due To Chicago Looters Targeting Ronald ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 13, 2020:
Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower.
Trump on Harris: 'Nobody more insulting to Biden than she was' during primary []
KeithThroop comments on Aug 13, 2020:
I don't think President Trump is going to drop this point.
[] Chicago PD launches looting video site to ID offenders
KeithThroop comments on Aug 13, 2020:
Good to hear. I hope they get them all.
Tammy Bruce: Dems' 'rules' to media on Biden VP pick exposes hypocritical treatment of conservative ...
KeithThroop comments on Aug 13, 2020:
Tammy always does a good job uncovering and pointing out such hypocrisy.

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