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Apart from some gods that appear in animal forms, why do people tend to envisage gods as person-type beings?

Naomi 8 June 13

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We consider ourselves as the apex of development in the world. We are genetically programmed to seek security and certainty in a random world. We create a god to provide that for us and if we are the apex god must be just like us but better and more powerful.


Great question! I think since many (Greeks and Norse in particular) are mapping archetypal elements of the human psyche, human shape is entirely appropriate and expected.

For other mythologies, perhaps it is simply that human consciousness is the highest, most articulate form of consciousness we encounter. It makes a kind of sense that this would extend to the heavenly realms.


It's to do with the 2 hemispheres of the brain, our ego tends to operate in the left hemisphere which is limited in World view, and only 2% connection to the right hemisphere where the real intelligence lies, left knows there is a greater intelligence but is reluctant to give right the compliment, left makes a fantasy "other"
If you want an in depth answer read
Master and emissary by Iain McGilchrist

I love listening to Iain McGilchrist talk, and have a sense he's onto something, but I've heard a few neuroscientists that don't seem to think too highly of his hypotheses. I am not a neuroscientist myself, but I am wary of taking him at face value as a result. I must admit that I have not read "The Master and His Emissary" yet, but I really enjoyed his recent interview with Jordan! He makes a lot of intuitive sense. What he says seems to match the experience of having a human brain.


That’s easy. It’s because all gods are man-made.

Perhaps... Invented or discovered or a bit of both? I think of gods similarly to certain mathematical principles. For example was the number zero invented or discovered? How about the principle of entropy in physics? If we slap a face on it and call it Shiva, is it any less real?

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