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The woke crowd zone in on Democrat Tom Hanks, focus on whiteness-

SpikeTalon 9 June 15

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Part of eating their own phenomena. Just look back at what the Bocheviks did to the Menshaviks (sp?). It should be encouraged whenever possible. Not only does it reduce their numbers but can be entertaining. The survivors should be split between tough and "readjusted to reality". The latter bunch can be recruited.


I don't watch movies much and thus don't have a particular favorite movie star, but if I were to pick one Tom Hanks is no longer in the running. It's okay, most of his peers aren't either.


Proof that the woke crowd is truly insane....


I have it on good authority that Forrest Gump was far-Right, living in Alabama, being a decorated combat veteran, and a wealthy shrimp capitalist, and all.

Certainly, accepting such a role - and making the character compelling - has consequences in 2021. Not even playing a guy pretending to be a woman in "Bosom Buddies," or a gay man with HIV in "Philadelphia," can save him now.

And also has a piece of the APPLE Pie.


Would playing roles in black face help?


We must condemn him immediately. Who does this guy think he is? Hunter Biden?




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