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Had a startling revelation earlier today, think I might be one of them there terrorist fellers the Government has recently been concerned about, lol...

Are you a "terrorist"? Take this 50 question quiz aand find out!-

SpikeTalon 10 Jan 12

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37, oh boy 😟


I scored 35. obviously there is no hope for me.


@Mechanic @SpikeTalon @iThink @1Patriot

It's a bucket list.

Mechanic, best wishes on getting the last 5 boxes checked.


I scored a 45, that’s a great caliber, and a pretty good President.

Not too shabby.


ok I'll bite but I already know the answer - right? Right! and NEVER Left

You terrorist you!!!

With all these terrorists popping-up all of a sudden, may have to soon call in the UN "peacekeepers".

Yep - I'm a "terrorist" according to the survey in accordance with govt's criteria for what makes one a terrorist - and by "govt" I mean The Global Communist Regime now in power in USA, Canada and Australia...


If you answered yes to none of these questions, you are exactly the kind of citizen that the federal government wants and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
fuck i am wanted man in Canada and USA

(Gasps in shock) Uh oh, you mean to tell me you're one of those "terrorists" too? How dreadful.

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