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New Poll Shows Parents Divided Over COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 5 and Under

Three groups of parents roughly 30% each are divided on vaccinating their children aged 6 months to 5 years.

  • 31% would rush to get their children vaccinated
  • 29% would wait and see how things go
  • 26% would NOT get their children vaxxed
    Another 12% would do so only if required.


Garsco 8 Feb 3

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They're in a hurry to jab the kids before people realize that the cause of so many sudden heart attacks among otherwise healthy young athletes is the JAB. They need to kill the kids before they grow up to have kids of their own.


The latest study by Johns Hopkins University implies that the lock downs were pointless and the masks questionable. I wonder what the statistics would be if main stream media reported that?


The 31% that would rush out are the same 30% mentioned in the mass hypnosis psychosis video describing the process that succumb to fear. 30% would not succumb and would reject it. The other 40% can be made to sway either way

Most of the fearful have no children. So this poll is worse than we know.


Those statistics don't look good for those in favor of vaccine mandates.

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