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How is your mental health?

Is your mental health better or worse than before COVID? How well do you think the mental health of America, as a whole, is holding up? Are you concerned or do you think things will all work themselves out? Why do you feel this way?

Would you be interested in more information on America's mental health?

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Billy_Kid 6 Feb 23

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does this refer to the individual or is this addressing the mass psychos currently being perpetrated on the people of this world.

In reference to the growth of mental health issues over the past couple of years. I think it's one of those issues no one wants to talk about. Meanwhile, our young people are being convinced they have disorders they don't really have, given medication that causes the disorder they never had and now are being subjected to living in a constant state of unease and fear. I believe that if we do not address such things, they only get worse and when one lives in fear and uncertainty, they are more easily manipulated and controlled.

@Billy_Kid I see this as an extension of the drug culture of the 60's an 70's that was formed with the partnership of media and the pharmaceutical industry. the media through a constant stream of advertising and news created discontent/ depression and fear/rage among anyone who would listen. the pharmaceutical companies came along with anti-depressants, Amphetamine,and Opioids to treat the symptoms of medias mental manipulation of the people of this world.

@KeVince I agree with you 100%. That's the type of stuff we like to pick apart. If you have any articles or book suggestions feel free to send them my way. My co-host and I are always down for learning and sharing information of that sort.

@Billy_Kid This is the first part of a presentation on the physical aspects of TV on the mind you will have to over look the religious nature of this presentation as it is hard to find this information in a secular format as it has been removed from school curriculum. I first found out about this from a advertising class back in the seventies. the use of TV was first developed by Germany shortly before and during the WW2 this tech was brought over to the US through Operation Paperclip. they call it TV programming because it is programming the audience.

@KeVince Heavy stuff. Thank you, I enjoy things like this. You are very right though. It is hard to find a lot of topics and subtopics from a non-religious perspective.


Seeing everything there is to see on what's going around, I shudder just thinking about it.

I get it.

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