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Grew up moving around the western US. was influenced by my grand parents who taught me how to learn before I was in school. Hate TV distrust MSM and get real annoyed by advertising. love tinkering and reading.


'More exaggeration to GUILT the world into renewables' []
KeVince comments on Apr 23, 2021:
Thankfully the earth has warmed. let us not forget that at one time the glacial ice sheets extended to the southern parts of the USA. parts of the Siberian permafrost where also tropical and had mammoths grazing there, man had nothing to do with these changes. As for the CO2 to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere would create a problem of plant die off, CO2 is necessary for plants to survive less of it would make plants at higher altitudes die off that is why we have a timber line on mountains. the bulk of our atmosphere is nitrogen any element heavier than nitrogen will be drawn down to lower levels. this is the same reason there is insufficient oxygen at higher levels. Below is the composition of air in percent by volume, **at sea level **at 15 C and 101325 Pa. Nitrogen -- N2 -- 78.084% Oxygen -- O2 -- 20.9476% Argon -- Ar -- 0.934% Carbon Dioxide -- CO2 -- 0.0314% Neon -- Ne -- 0.001818% Methane -- CH4 -- 0.0002% Helium -- He -- 0.000524% Krypton -- Kr -- 0.000114% Hydrogen -- H2 -- 0.00005% Xenon -- Xe -- 0.0000087% Ozone -- O3 -- 0.000007% Nitrogen Dioxide -- NO2 -- 0.000002% Iodine -- I2 -- 0.000001% Carbon Monoxide -- CO -- trace Ammonia -- NH3 -- trace this list does not show water vapor or dust particles like those emitted from volcanoes that is a major part of air and has a greater effect on global temperature than CO2 ever will. people who are raising plants understand this,
Told you so
KeVince comments on Apr 23, 2021:
I have already been doing this by reposting things that warned about things that are happening now and stating that this is a repost from xx years ago. the information has been out there for years. Another way of saying, I told you so.
A Life Cut Short. We’ll Never Know What Could Have Been.
KeVince comments on Apr 23, 2021:
I thought he had already achieve success as a pharmaceutical researcher, and was branching out into a monetary creation enterprise.
[] The "stop using meaningless words" message here is crucial.
KeVince comments on Apr 23, 2021:
Before the cell phone I learned to use the library this keep me one step ahead of the propaganda. The cell phone has made this easier but it also has made you easier to monitor. Knowledge is defiantly power.
Nuclear energy is needed. []
KeVince comments on Apr 22, 2021:
time to reconsider the molten salt reactor or MSR ,Molten salt reactor technology was developed in the United States mid-20th century at Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Despite promising results, politics decided to prioritize the main competitor at the time: sodium cooled Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor to obtain weapons grade plutonium.
Viking Two Handed Swords? - History vs. Fantasy []
KeVince comments on Apr 22, 2021:
do your own research, anyone for a Tournament.
KeVince comments on Apr 22, 2021:
Reminds me of the protest of the sixties and seventies here in America that actually brought change to the lives of the oppressed.
(1899-1900). Man overboard!. Royal Navy and German Navy naval exercises. []
KeVince comments on Apr 22, 2021:
looking at those sailors climbing the rope ladders it was thinking one slip and it will be man on deck
KeVince comments on Apr 22, 2021:
when I see those who have corrupted the government of this nation in jail I will believe this is true
WEF Warns of Cyber Attack Leading to Systemic Collapse of the Global Financial System A report ...
KeVince comments on Apr 22, 2021:
When you are running your business on a software that was developed in the 1950's and last up dated in 1995 and it's latest revision was in 2018 you will most likely have problems with your software. this is on of the biggest problems with their security Fortran is a simple language like Basic.
“Based on animal models- it is my opinion that 75% of those people injected with experimental mRNA...
KeVince comments on Apr 21, 2021:
Or less, all they have to do is come into contact with a variant of the virus and the will have a 90% chance of dieing.
Follow the science - not the politically correct pseudoscience [westonaprice.
KeVince comments on Apr 21, 2021:
If you wish to learn about viruses without the propaganda this may help Virus Biology Chairman and Professor, Department of Microbiology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1967–96. Coeditor of Comprehensive Virology (19 vol.); The Viruses (26 vol.).
Follow the science - not the politically correct pseudoscience [westonaprice.
KeVince comments on Apr 21, 2021:
The viruses themselves are not fatal, the death is caused by a secondary infection of germs. You get a virus and it damages the tissue of the bronchial tubes in the lungs, these then are susceptible to infection from germs that cause pneumonia, the pneumonia is what kills the person if they are not given antibiotics. The initial viral infection by itself is not fatal until the germs begin to infect the damaged tissue these release toxins that cause the body to be poisoned and results in anapestic shock. The virus only reproduces itself destroying the host cells it comes in contact with until the body produces antibodies and overcomes the virus, this happens in a matter of days, the rest of the sick feeling is the body then fighting off the infection from germs.
NoVaccineForME Brisbane man hospitalised for clots days after receiving Pfizer vaccine Health ...
KeVince comments on Apr 21, 2021:
This has been a problem for many years now part one of nineteen this series deal with the clotting problem and vaccines
It is best to ignore show trials. []
KeVince comments on Apr 21, 2021:
this was exactly what I expected now we will have more show trial on appeal
Don't make them like this anymore
KeVince comments on Apr 21, 2021:
there are companies that are fitting these with Tesla drive systems.
Society is Changing []
KeVince comments on Apr 21, 2021:
Place false info onto the Internet sign up for things you have no interest in I can tell by the adds that are sent to me that Google does not know what I am interested in or where I live for sure. corrupt data is of little use to those that would use it against you if that data can be proven false.
What can the vaccine do for you?
KeVince comments on Apr 20, 2021:
Gates is a criminal that was placed where he was to steal new technology. He was first used to steal an existing OS QDos from Gary Kidall, with the moneys from IBM he took over company after company until he found himself in court for having a monopoly at which time he bailed out Apple so he could say he had competition. What Epstein was to sex trafficking Gates was to corporate theft. Most computer advancement has come out of the open source community. Al Capone was also a philanthropist that is why it was so hard for the cops to catch him nobody wanted to turn him in. Gates now has a new job to be a merchant of death pushing dangerous vaccines that will eventually kill millions. If you got one of the new vaccines then you are screwed, sure you are immunized from CV-19, but the next variant that comes along will kill you. this was proven multiple times in animal trials. maybe crime does pay if you are a criminal for the right people.
Behold a Livid Horse - Session 2 - Chuck Missler Who'd ever thought that a Christian video on ...
KeVince comments on Apr 20, 2021:
the fifth horse = the true reset
Seems Legit
KeVince comments on Apr 20, 2021:
they are singing their death certificates with compliance,
KeVince comments on Apr 20, 2021:
my guess briefing for staged events to be broadcast on MSM
A brillant thank you from The Overlord Masters of the Plutocracy. []
KeVince comments on Apr 19, 2021:
Oh Sheep is your shepherd really protecting you.
This is one way to fight back []
KeVince comments on Apr 19, 2021:
had go over to YT to see where this was we have a few places around here that are doing the same thing, people are starting to wake up, could be a good thing if the courts are not to corrupt.
Why No One Knows How Many People Live in India and China []
KeVince comments on Apr 18, 2021:
With China's one child policy the population of china will start to decline by One half of their current population every year as the older people die off. there are declining population in many of the countries of the world some are at the point where they will not be able to recover and start increasing for twenty years. this is called a Demographic Winter
Photojournalist Leslie Jones 1930's Car Crashes. []
KeVince comments on Apr 18, 2021:
They have gotten so much safer you can now kill yourself at 3 times the speed.
How many Qs are there in the picture? You have only "10 seconds". No cheating! 😆
KeVince comments on Apr 18, 2021:
Ron DeSantis: ‘If you get a vaccine … you’re immune. So act immune.’ []
KeVince comments on Apr 17, 2021:
If you got one of the new vaccines then you are screwed, sure you are immunized from CV-19, but the next variant that comes along will kill you. this was proven multiple times in animal trials.
KeVince comments on Apr 17, 2021:
run over a protester in self-defense it's about time.
Important share. []
KeVince comments on Apr 17, 2021:
Canada is getting almost as bad as China, you can't post things like that on YouTube either.
Sieg High! []
KeVince comments on Apr 17, 2021:
when fighting against Asian forces the drug of choice was heroin.
Starting in the 1800s, pharmaceutical companies began selling cocaine for medical uses.
KeVince comments on Apr 17, 2021:
In the original books about Sherlock Holms he was a avid user of the medication, supplied by Doctor Watson.
The French revolution changed time: Between 1793 and 1805, the ruling French government used the ...
KeVince comments on Apr 13, 2021:
Have you heard of the thirteen month calender The calendar year has 13 months with 28 days each, An extra day added as a holiday at the end of the year, the extra month is inserted between June and July, and called Sol.
I have heard people say that "God is not interested in money.
KeVince comments on Apr 13, 2021:
I posted this sometime back it has to do with how we should view our material goods. You cannot feed people from an empty pantry you cannot help people when you have no resources. There is a part of me that I am responsible for, this would be the individualism. By making sure that I don't do things to cause myself to be sick and not becoming a burden on others that would have to take care of me. When I do something to earn money so I can pay for what I need so others won't have to provide it. Setting aside a surpluses so that In times of scarcity I will not be a burden on others. this has nothing to do with being selfish, taking care of myself as an individual is my first responsibility, this must be done so I can help others. When people come into my life that are having problems and I find myself in a position to help them this becomes the "us" part of society where I can contribute to a larger social group. Without being allowed to be an Individual I will be unable to contribute to a society. It is my observation that those that look to others to supply there needs tend to be the most selfish, if you are constantly taking and give nothing then shame on you, the word responsible has to do with your ability to respond. If you are at a point in your life where you should be a response able adult and are not perhaps you need to ask yourself why.
Doctors on Smoking: What if smoking was actually good for your lungs?
KeVince comments on Apr 13, 2021:
Tobacco in the early days was far different than what is in cigarettes today, with all the additives and metallic dust it has become a poison. The same thing can be said about coco leafs and cocaine.
Coming soon because Americans lost their balls somewhere. []
KeVince comments on Apr 13, 2021:
time to plant bombs in motor cycles and leave them to be picked up.
Pentagon introduces covid-sensing microchip implant JUST FOR YOU! []
KeVince comments on Apr 12, 2021:
this was the big push for 5g because they need the bandwidth to monitor all the devices. brake or jam the 5g and you cant be tracked.
The Lost Land! Doggerland was an area of land, now submerged beneath the southern North Sea, that ...
KeVince comments on Apr 12, 2021:
It's not just the planet but our whole solar system, and most likely the whole universe. Early astronomical records do not mention Venues, when Venues shows up Mars takes on an elliptical orbit. Then Mars wars with the Moon and the orbit stabilized. The legends of the past my be more accurate than the made up record of anthropology. These changes in the universe would have effected earth as well. reference WORLDS IN COLLISION IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY First published in 1950
I bet it's been increased by lockdowns. 😆
KeVince comments on Apr 12, 2021:
I don't play that game, If you don't like the way my grass looks you can come over and cut it for me.
I found an article in a recent edition of the Backwoodsman magazine about this person's plans for if...
KeVince comments on Apr 12, 2021:
With the probability that such disaster would be caused by nuclear war a Geiger counter would be a must.
I'm a history nut! But why?
KeVince comments on Apr 12, 2021:
We got our history by teaching it to our kids, I used to think that history was names, dates, and accurately recorded. We found that we both liked real history and the untold stories of those that have had their histories erased to promote ideas like "manifest destiny" and "origin of species".
The Louvre was originally built as a fortress in 1190 to protect Paris from the Vikings.
KeVince comments on Apr 12, 2021:
those evil vikings they followed there own gods and didn't follow the directives of the pope, why they were as bad as the protestants.
The History of "Medicine": Back when tuberculosis plagued the world, doctors tried some peculiar ...
KeVince comments on Apr 12, 2021:
Doctors today seam to be less educated than they were back then so that makes me question current medical practices even more.
The Black Panthers were sexist and abused and used women! This sexism was particularly prominent ...
KeVince comments on Apr 12, 2021:
If you want a movement that will last longer than the sound of your own voice the women must be involved as equals, If the women are not equals then it is a cult for the purpose of control, first the women will be controlled, then the younger males.
This was a warning back in the Early 80s [youtu.
KeVince comments on Apr 10, 2021:
I was unable to find this film after they did a remake of it, the remake was modernized to diluted the message in the remake. I am surprised this was even allowed to be put back on you tube. we showed this to all the kids we helped home school. this is another link if the other one disappears
Prepping - Be Vewy Vewy quiet []
KeVince comments on Apr 10, 2021:
the cause of the third world war will be the removal of all legal redress of grievances
Horrifying Viking Weapons: An atgeir, sometimes called a "mail-piercer" or "hewing-spear," was a ...
KeVince comments on Apr 9, 2021:
these where also effective in defending against calvary attack.the base would be set in the ground and used as follows. violent content warning
Filipino civilian vessel chased down by 2 Chinese missile attack craft in West PH Sea | ANC ...
KeVince comments on Apr 9, 2021:
Time to setup a sting operation fit torpedo tubes to fishing boats then let them come close and blow them out of the water.
Northern Ireland: Emergency talks take place after ‘worst rioting in recent years’ ...
KeVince comments on Apr 9, 2021:
brain washed youth from liberal schools that think causing trouble will fix their problems.
Today, on this day in 1940, Nazi Germany invaded my country Norway.
KeVince comments on Apr 9, 2021:
You are right in that the war is not far away, the ideals that helped form the German state at that time have once again been popularized. The same companies that profited from that war are the same ones providing the technology now. The eraser of the cause of the problems of the past will lead to them being made in the future.
Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from. Bandamanna Saga, c.10
KeVince comments on Apr 8, 2021:
most of what I have learned was from people asking why I believed something to be true, this has led to a many discoveries, and even more questions.
Separating Science from Religion and Mythology []
KeVince comments on Apr 8, 2021:
at the present science is becoming a consensus of opinion, making it little more than a religion.
Monkeys are reportedly on the loose in Cincinnati. Police have yet to find them. []
KeVince comments on Apr 8, 2021:
didn't know they were still around,
Alexander Graham Bell was a devoted anti-deaf activist.
KeVince comments on Apr 7, 2021:
sounds about normal Bell was just the Bill Gates of his day, may be people like gates and his offspring are the ones that should not be allowed to reproduce.
The Romans, Greeks and other sources depicted the Celts as primitive savages which is effectively an...
KeVince comments on Apr 6, 2021:
the Celts may have also been some of the first to come from Europe to the America's to be followed by the Nordic.
10 percent of all U.
KeVince comments on Apr 6, 2021:
It would appear that John Hopkins agrees Study Suggests Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. Analyzing medical death rate data over an eight-year period, Johns Hopkins patient safety experts have calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical error in the U.S.
No one is a total fool if he knows when to hold his tongue. Grettir’s Saga, c.88
KeVince comments on Apr 6, 2021:
One of my favorite quotes is "this better to remain silent and thought a fool, that to open your mouth and remove all doubt" this was one of the sayings that would scroll by on an early screen saver I had.
The Mythological creature Baba Yaga is unique to the Slavic people.
KeVince comments on Apr 6, 2021:
I here the mood she is in when you meet her depends a lot on how you treat her.
'Everyone' will be 'better off' if companies stopped focusing on woke politics | Sky News ...
KeVince comments on Apr 6, 2021:
American CEO James I need to know what bullshit I have to tell the news
It is the truth
KeVince comments on Apr 6, 2021:
the opinion of John Hopkins appears to agree with this guy
Outsourcing Cruelty. []
KeVince comments on Apr 6, 2021:
law suit time for woke bitches
The Celts Created A Road Network Before The Romans: The early Celts created a trading centre of ...
KeVince comments on Apr 5, 2021:
The way modern history has been written you would think that the Romans invented the road, like for 5,000 years nobody could clear a path and cover it with rocks or wood.
Owning Guns Should Be NORMALIZED, Cars Are Similarly Deadly And No One Thinks Twice About Them ...
KeVince comments on Apr 5, 2021:
guns where normal as little 40 years ago
In 1984, Methyl isocyanate leaks out of an American Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India.
KeVince comments on Apr 5, 2021:
I have heard of this stuff before as it is used in the manufacture of polyurethane foam. when there is a fire this foam decomposes and releases this gas. it has been the cause of many deaths due to toxic nature of the substance.
The Greek philosopher Chrysippus died of laughter after getting his donkey drunk and then watching ...
KeVince comments on Apr 5, 2021:
Died of laughter or died while laughing, the old guy may of decided to have fun until he die, there is nothing we are able to do to change the exit process so enjoy life until you drop.
Don't take offense, but you need to realize you all need to quit being selfish little assholes if ...
KeVince comments on Apr 4, 2021:
If you are any good at hacking then this is a job for you and it helps to know Fortran as all bank records are still kept in this format. Deleting data records kept by governments and large cooperations would help also, it would also be helpful to create false information.
In 585 BC a solar eclipse so terrified the Medians and Lydians that they forgot about the vicious ...
KeVince comments on Apr 4, 2021:
Eclipse of Thales, was predicted by Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus.
If I was on facebook, I would be....
KeVince comments on Apr 4, 2021:
Never been in FB jail but I keep trying copied from my timeline
WaPo: Biden Advisors Fear Infrastructure Investments May Help White Working-Class Men ...
KeVince comments on Apr 4, 2021:
just what we need people taking care of people in a world that is falling apart around them. here is your dinner, sorry about the leaky roof and no running water. Can I stay the night here because I can't make it home the bridge collapsed this afternoon. The last big investment in infrastructure in the USA was back in the 50's and 60's most of what was built back then is past it's life expectancy.
BREAKING : Capitol lockdown: Suspect shot after ramming into barrier, pulling out knife; 2 officers ...
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
Biden calls for removal of all knives and cars from anyone who didn't vote for him
Every time he looks back on that moment he's going to think "Thanks for the mammary (memory)". 😂
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
flunking his final for peeking
Walmart shopper subdues maskless man who allegedly threatened to assault customers, video shows
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
When it comes to assault the act of threating to do physical harm to another person is considered fourth degree assault. It is better to ignore them and then when they physical grab or push you you can grab their arm and dislocate the elbow in self defense. This then places the incident as a mutual combatant case and remove all civil penalties.
Picasso used to carry a revolver loaded with blanks that he used to shoot at people, who struck him ...
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
I would try that but around here there are people who would shot back and they would not have blanks.
Vaccine passports are a serious threat to American civil liberties- []
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
just remember where this all got tried once before "papers please"
Taiwan: Train derails in tunnel, 36 dead & dozens injured | News Alert | World English News | WION...
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
so how did the truck get on the track looks a kind of like a planed accident
Ontario's “digital ID plan” sure sounds like a vaccine passport - YouTube
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
where did this all start "your papers"
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
just a reminder of where this all started.
Justice Center for Constitutional Rights and Freedoms put out this video today.
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
The use of forced medical procedures is against the Geneva convention that was established after WW2, what is next concentration camps?
Frigg is the highest ranking of the Norse goddesses.
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
I hear people invoking her all the time with comments like "well that's just friggen great"and "what a friggen mess" I thought she was the god of Chaos.
Ontario's “digital ID plan” sure sounds like a vaccine passport - YouTube
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
this all started with IBM in the Nazi regime
OUT OF CONTROL: Riot police storm family home because dad didn’t get Covid test fast enough - ...
KeVince comments on Apr 2, 2021:
It's to bad you gave the government all your guns now they are the only ones with guns and can do as they please.
Biden pressures YouTube to remove dislikes. []
KeVince comments on Apr 1, 2021:
Even better than the dislike button is the three little dots on the side of the description click on those and it gives you the option to report the video, have fun. Sexual content Violent or repulsive content Hateful or abusive content Harmful or dangerous acts Spam or misleading
YouTube now not you tube but them tube?
KeVince comments on Apr 1, 2021:
we just go getto and call it YOO TUB
Vaccine Passports - what it's really about - YouTube
KeVince comments on Apr 1, 2021:
Tech companies have a record of whatever lie you tell about yourself on social media. that should work just great for determining your social credit score. Digital records are easier to forge than real ones this should work fine.
News Alert: 4 dead in shooting at Orange business complex, California | US | Mass Shooting | WION...
KeVince comments on Apr 1, 2021:
What a crap job of reporting, how many people where scabbed,or just plane beat to death, because people that are crammed into large cities can no longer stand to look at their fellow humans any more. depression will manifest itself in two ways murder or suicide, gang violence will use whatever it can find to kill others, the problem has nothing to do with the instrument of destruction.
I haven't tried this myself, but it does seem plausible. Norse proverbs are the best.
KeVince comments on Mar 31, 2021:
like in the movie fried green tomatoes, more barbecue inspector
There's truth there, even if the masks were for different reasons.
KeVince comments on Mar 31, 2021:
their masks are for the same reason to control those they deem to be under their cast
freedom freedom we will not obey Alan Parsons song lyrics
KeVince comments on Mar 31, 2021:
I NO Robot, I NO be like TV man, I have real friends, freedom freedom, don't tell them anything, I NO listen to the voice, some way some day the show most go on. you don't here thought provoking media like this any more
US orders Diplomats to leave Myanmar as unrest grows | Myanmar coup update | WION []
KeVince comments on Mar 31, 2021:
If the US understand anything about Myanmar they would help them in this conflict that was started by Chinese influence by Chinese nationals that where working in the country. this is a Chinese backed coalition that the military is trying to stop before it destroys their country and they lose all sovereignty to China. the only threat to US diplomats in Myanmar is if the US sides with china.
46 BC was 445 days long and is the longest year in human history.
KeVince comments on Mar 31, 2021:
so how many calenders are there and does anyone really know what time it is.
Witches Weren't Actually Burned at the Stake In Salem The witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, ...
KeVince comments on Mar 31, 2021:
back then if you wanted to cause trouble for someone you accused them of witch craft. now days you accuse them of sexual improprieties or racism.
Thailand refuses to let refugees to enter.
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
may be they should have gone to china, that is where most of the protesters came from.
Asking for a friend
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
I just picked my nose and don't know what to do with it.
Without being (too) sarcastic, are there any reasonable, possible changes Justin Trudeau could make...
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
he could resign his post
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
people are starting to look beyond their TV for answers and they don't like what they are finding.
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
social justice the brown shirt of the 21 century
"Probably the catchiest ditty about nuclear devastation ever penned.
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
the first human trials of a nuclear weapon, the next would be the people of bikini atoll and the people of the towns downwind of the nuclear test sights.
The majority of Viking men were farmers.
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
Most of there voyages where to find more or better land to farm, there is an article about a viking boat that was found on the banks of the Mississippi river the peoples where tribal and had agrarian communities that surrounded hill forts, do any of these things sound familiar. The native American peoples of the south west also raised sheep that are not indigenous to the Americas.
Alexander the Great might have accidentally been buried alive.
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
reminds me of a movie House of Usher , 1960. Vincent Price, Mark Damon,
Every time China has insulted or degraded Canada on the world stage Over the last few years, the ...
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
this leaves the US venerable to the Chinese from the north, although with Biden in office they may come through DC.
This is an old leaked document but something everyone should see! These elites needed Technology to ...
KeVince comments on Mar 30, 2021:
Europe has cought on to what is going down that is why their 5g towers keep catching fire and one of their main data centers in France spontaneously combusted.

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