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Political Correctness

How do you define...
What is it really...
Why do so many embrace it or fight it

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Sarge45 6 Apr 19

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Political correctness is intellectual and social tyranny.
I have experienced it in the church. PC is a way to control the masses.
I see the modern version of the PC ideal being forced onto civil society by the schools and media.

Usually, when people can’t answer for why they believe,
It is easier for them to shut others down by being offended and emotional.
Thus, keeping people ignorant and stupid.



I think of it as if I'm going to insult someone, I'm not going to bring up something they can't change. I will find some other flaw or weakness in your character. Let's say someone is particularly greedy. Insults that compare this person to the monopoly characters is far more politically correct then using a Jewish slur. I can still tell someone to go fornicate themselves on a rusty iron stick, I can compare someone's overwhelming ignorance to a black hole, heck, I can imply their last relationship would have lasted longer if they could perform a cardio activity for more then 30 seconds.

Now, looking at that webcomic, who can guess why that second statement is politically incorrect?


To me political correctness equals hard truths.
Using vanilla language to tip toe around what ever subject your speaking about.


P.C. is a contrived set of sacred cows of the left. Cobbled together to create a defense to arguing their losing points by shutting down speech. Used in the University setting it is a simplistic code of conduct used to indoctrinate the willing and control the thoughts and input of the unwilling. Donald Trump's original genius was to shatter P.C. in the republican primary thus opening the election up to real issues described realisticly. P.C. is also on its back heel of it's last leg if you follow Trump's template. Reject it! Prove it's illogic! Ridicule it! Walk over it and win!


It means I have to always watch my mouth to not hurt any feelings. I am overwhelmed by it and can’t keep up with all that is PC.

I don't watch my mouth, if folks don't like the way I say things, too bad so sad, I'm too old to give a crap anymore.

@RobertMartin I own a small business and I really worry they could take me apart on social media.

@Therese I realize at the workplace it is a different scenario. One must watch what one says or potentially lose customers.


PC is an attempt to control speech and thus the flow of thoughts. It is set up so that anytime a group can decide that a name or phrase in unacceptable. This gives control over political discourse by turning someone’s statement into hate speech when ever needed.

And what is acceptable and unacceptable seems to change every day. How does anyone keep up?

@RobertMartin I believe that is a matter of anytime someone can say they are insulted or even someone could be insulted. Essentially it is to make the person making a point look bad.


I don't set out to offend people, but if I do I don't care.

If I offend someone , it just exposes their defect . They are just speaking the lie they believe


PC is anti-social thought control. We've always had "Socially Correct" enforced through tradition and normalization. It's the "Political" that makes the modern censorship so petty and dangerous. PC attempts to control, manage, direct social norms and mores by and for expansion of political control and dominance. It's the use of political power to dictate and mandate social normalization of not yet assimilated ideas, ideals, and standards.

And it's evil.


PC = bullying people into your way of thinking. Just look at the leftists and antifa.

A man once asked me what we had to do to turn a group around to "our" way of thinking . At that moment , it bothered me that his background was retired Army Intelligence .


It is a thinly disguised attempt to control our words and by extension, our thoughts. It is ‘nice’ people dictating how the rest of us are allowed to think, speak and act. Pure evil.


You know what's really tragic? If we all just rotated our axes a tiny bit, we could laugh and celebrate our differences in good-natured and inclusive, meaningful interactions. It's a pretty good thing to laugh together. But, because some people are mean or greedy, we have to all walk on eggshells.

well, now, that's exactly what we used to have. Lot's of "Pollack" jokes, lots of dumb blond jokes, lots of people laughing at the stereotypes of Amos and Andy--- and we all pretty much loved each other...
now everyone is a butt-hurt delicate flower that demands everyone treat them like royalty. Fuck that.


PC is a way to control people through political speech or none speech of. We all need to go back to the basics of self responsibility self-control self-policing.


At its core , PC is peer pressure and bullying .


Nothing wrong with political correctness. We should all generally try not to hurt others' feelings. PC became wrong when it was weaponized for political power and control. The noble idea behind PC was prostituted for self-aggrandizing, self-congratulatory moral elitism.

Political correctness is all that and then some. It uses "victimhood" and appeals to pity as a strategy to acquire more power.

PC is always agenda driven . Utopian pipe dreams always end in Draconian nightmares

@Georgesblogforum, I'm not sure PC was always agenda driven. The golden rule was kind of like PC-level 1.

@chuckpo As Thomas Jefferson said , it depends on the ability of men to live according to the 10 Commandments of God

@Georgesblogforum Well, if I remember correctly, PC was formally created by the communists and was purely agenda driven. I believe Antonio Gramsci was the guy who thought it up in a formal way.

@plebeian_lobster Numerous groups used the term "opinion makers" in their publications . The term that really gets me agitated is "change agents" . That's the one that let's the sleaze out in public and sells it as a good thing .

I could not possibly disagree with you more! Political correctness is a political tool to redefine the language, because as Alinsky and Chomsky have shown us there is real power in being able to define the meaning of WORDS!


I think political correctness is societal self-censorship. Instead of the government using force to censor people, the people themselves censor for speech that a group of people find offensive or hateful. I think it is really an emotional wall that folks build around certain issues or topics that they know they cannot defend with reason, usually to advance a political agenda. For example, it is politically incorrect to say that people coming across the border are rapists even though we know that TONS of women are raped coming across the border. Why? Because it is offensive to Mexicans. What is the real reason? Because Democrats really want more voters in the U.S., and they think more immigrants will mean more Democrat voters either now or in the future. On then other side, it is politically incorrect to take a knee during the national anthem. Why? Because it is offensive to the military. What is the real reason? Because making a big deal about over-payed babies exercising free speech is a good way to score points with certain groups of people.

I think so many embrace political correctness because it redefines terms such that they become inherently more advantageous to certain arguments. (Ex. illegal alien sounds a lot worse than the politically correct term: immigrant.) Therefore, it becomes much easier to shut down opposition because it makes the other side look morally detestable--it has nothing to do with the other side's reasoning.

I think people fight political correctness because it is the only way to get through that emotional wall and address serious issues on the basis of reason. You cannot have important conversations without crossing the threshold into the realm of politically incorrect speech.


In my church community growing up, it was politically incorrect to curse or talk about sex, abortion, or homosexuality.


I'll define it as dishonestly maintaining someone hierarchical status without argument or justification.



According to Merrian Webster: conforming to a belief that language and practices that could offend political sensibilities should be eliminated.

How does one take that? I think is a big part of what is happening in the culture war. Is it a majority rule? If so, then it ls an offence to the minority. It is a cycle that consumes itself. People want it because there are some things that are wrong. People also fight against it because it gets to the point where everything is an offence. Individuals need to have "right think". Sometimes it is forgotten adveristy can builds character.

I unintentionally offend people all the time. I am.ok with that because I am sometimes offended by what people say as well. I guess the balance is when it impedes on another's human rights and freedoms?


Blasphemy laws. Some "lefty" ideas are so sacred that they cannot be questioned or debated. If you reject those ideas, expect to be thrown to the angry mob.


I see PC as the goal not to offense anyone in any way.

@Sarge45 yep, control. Not offending is kind of a pretext I think.

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