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LINK Jim Kenney's morale has collapsed: "Philly's Dem Mayor Wants Out After Overseeing Record-Setting Crime Surge"

Mayor Kenney followed up his anti-Second Amendment screed by expressing his apparent desire to no longer be responsible for what happens in Philadelphia. "I don't enjoy Fourth of July, I don't enjoy the Democratic National Convention, I didn't enjoy the NFL Draft," he explained. "I'll be happy when I'm not here, when I'm not mayor," Kenney said.

A big reason crime has been rising in US cities is that liberal whites' morale has collapsed. They feel so guilty putting black criminals in jail that they'd rather allow crime than do so. Liberal whites consider crime a legitimate rebellion against an unjust white order. Liberal whites remain committed to their self-destructive ideology even as it makes them miserable, and Jim Kenney is a remarkable example of that.

sqeptiq 9 July 5

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So long as the crime victimizes black and minority people, liberal whites accept it, but let it reach their enclave and NIMBY.


At some point, the pendulum will swing back. A crackdown on crime—including out of control black crime—with real and deserving punishment will happen. Keeping that pendulum from swinging back too far may be hard to stop.


This increasingly Liberal trend will be the death of the Western world...

Unless we put an end to it ourselves to prevent it from happening

@Lightman I think that's what the KKK tried to do

@Aeofrik You want to clarify that for me?

@Lightman the meaning is clear? Maybe you would like things dumbed down a bit?

@Aeofrik Yeah dumb it down I don't know what your point is re the KKK

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