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I guess "diversity" isn't always all it's cracked up to be...

Boston teachers unions suddenly not such big fans of "diversity"-

SpikeTalon 10 Apr 13

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"Diversity" of human cultures is directly related to predictable culture clashes. Diversity is a heady way of saying "Other-ism"; Us and them. Always with the implicit message of good vs bad.
What I call "forced diversity" regarding human populations is directly responsible for violent clashes between different ethnic groups in any given sovereign nation and city.
"Diversity itself is vitally important to a thriving ecosystem. It is conversely, a predictably destructive force in human population.


Some progressive advocates are endorsing a measure that would prioritize diversity in terms of which teachers get the boot and which ones are kept on staff. But in Boston, that would mean that many newer teachers of color would be kept while predominantly white teachers with more seniority would be told to clean out their offices. And most of them are having none of it. (Boston Globe)

Typical of "Progressives," isn't it? They love their policies until they themselves have to live with the results.

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