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American democratic socialists often point to the "Scandinavian model" in order to prove the "successes" of democratic socialism, in particular the country of Sweden. Only trouble is, if one were to actually research this stuff from an independent perspective, one would realize that countries like Sweden did not become happy and prosperous places due to social welfare programs but rather because of free markets.

Bernie Sanders is wrong on democratic socialism in Sweden, and everywhere else. The myth of Nordic socialism-





SpikeTalon 10 Jan 19

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Bernie also lied about Denmark being socialist back during the primary fight in 2019. So much so that the Danish PM got on TV and corrected his lies -- "We tried DSocialism and it was a disaster."
Apparently the dimwitted Democrats (yeah, I know I'm being redundant) think that a country is socialist if it has a social program of any sort. Like insurance, fer Christ sake.


Scandinavian countries succeed because they have a high value of

Then they crippled themselves by allowing too much immigration.


And this...

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