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"We failed, but any immigrant will tell you we’ve largely succeeded here, and yet the overriding thrust of current woke ideology is that America is rotten to the core, irredeemably racist from the moment it was founded," he said."


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atheistsliberty 7 Sep 2
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Woke ideology is cover for corporatism and the neo cons and neo liberals are closer to fascist than communist. They have adopted the same fascists approach China has right down to social credit scores minus the nationalism and racism.

It's becoming clear that the minus the racism is only superficial because of the racism of low expectations. Deep down inside most liberals feel minorities are a version of "smelly Wal-Mart shoppers". Instead of ending racism liberals have just reverted to the historical pattern of including poor whites in the subhuman category. Of course they make exceptions for people like Obama who are "sophisticated" like themselves.

Champagne liberals are living proof that given a little bit of wealth and security people will revert to monkeys. They become obsessed with networking because productivity is unknown in the natural world with only a few exceptions of eusociality.

Monkeys don't care about anything but social networks built on grooming and fairness. It's not however the culturally evolved form of fairness that is tied to productivity. It's fairness based on drama and equity based on social status unrelated to actual contribution to society.

You can't by definition change instincts you can only alter expression. The open people drawn to "liberalism" will reject group selection, the eusociality that civilization requires, and culturally evolved realities such as freewill because they are at odds with their instincts and their certainty of superiority. It doesn't matter how intelligent or educated a person is their instincts are identical to every other human beings.

Fascism is compatible with instinct but not the needs of civilization for a harsh but stable environment. Culture is an evolved reality that people who are steeped in naturalism cannot comprehend. In the past religion bridged the gap between physical and cultural reality. The monkeys who rejected religion because of openness always try to replace it with a cult. During the French Revolution they tried the cult of reason but became homicidal monkeys. Today the cult of reason has taken a bizarre twist and become the cult of wokeness and is inching towards a new outbreak of homicidal frenzy.

I'm not religious myself but I see humanism as having replaced the old gods with a new god. AI will soon break that god as the weakness of human reason will be exposed.

Meaning, human agency and dignity are abstract culturally evolved realities. Freewill is the epitome of cultural evolution. Without it no meaning, agency or dignity will every be found. It's not intellect that defines being human but culture and freewill.


The wokes are looking to squeeze money and favors out of you, so they won't lay off the guilt trips.

Liberals are none others than narcissistic hypocritical overgrown children. The obamas are the leaders of that group who believe they are a direct liaison to their supreme selves. True True. But they look themselves in the mirror and instead they see Trump and they go livid. True True

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