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Do you attend religious services on a regular basis?

Do you attend religious services on a regular basis?

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ramzpaul 8 June 14
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Nope. I'm not religious honestly.

Tiger Level 3 June 14, 2020

No but I pray and read daily. I’m just a Christian! My biggest problem with the “church “ is everyone I meet is oh israel, smh ! I wanna slap their pastors.


Faked it for about a year recently. Never made it. Might try again soon.


I am a traditional Catholic from Poland. I attend Traditional Latin Mass (Tridentine Mass), which is still popular in my country. In fact, it's becoming more and more popular nowadays - probably in opposition to the exploits of Pope Francis 😆...


No, but still a Christian


I used to but then moved and can’t find a good local church.

pnw1234 Level 6 June 14, 2020
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