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Why can’t C-19 vaccine mandates be taken seriously? |
Geert Vanden Bossche

"Stated more bluntly, short-term results from small-scale vaccine efficacy studies are anything but representative of the public health impact of these imperfect vaccines when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a pandemic of more infectious variants. This alone clearly illustrates that the use of current vaccines in the ongoing mass vaccination campaigns is purely experimental and empirical from a perspective of effectiveness on public health."

"Furthermore, re-exposure to circulating viral variants in the presence of low affinity antibodies could potentially provoke life-threatening antibody-dependent enhancement of C-19 disease (ADE). Clearly, results from clinical studies do not permit the drawing of any conclusions regarding the impact of viral exposure in the presence of low affinity antibodies. Consequently, big question marks remain as to the likelihood that ADE, or whether other immunogenicity-related adverse events could occur as an indirect result of vaccination. It is important to note that previous efforts to develop a SARS-CoV-1 vaccine had been abrogated due to the occurrence of ADE in preclinical models."

"The disproportionally high number of severe and common adverse events observed after administration of nucleic acid-based C-19 vaccines, such as deep-venous thrombosis, stroke, myocarditis, death, and others, suggests that the S protein can be expressed in a variety of tissues in the body, where it exerts pathogenic effects in subjects that experience adverse events. Many questions remain unanswered regarding the pathogenic mechanism underlying the observed vaccine-associated adverse events, while mass vaccination continues, and 16,310 deaths from C-19 vaccination have been reported as of October 1st, 2021, in the US alone."

"Based on all the above, widespread deployment of current Covid-19 vaccines in large-scale vaccination campaigns should first and foremost be considered highly experimental and empirical in terms of the efficacy and safety outcome as well as in terms of the impact on individual and public health. Because the experimental use of current Covid-19 vaccines raises serious concerns regarding their effectiveness and their potential to cause serious harm to both individuals and the public at large, one can only conclude that vaccination mandates are completely unethical."

CourseofEmpire 7 Oct 26
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Posted by CourseofEmpireWhy can’t C-19 vaccine mandates be taken seriously?

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