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Does anyone live in a rural area. If so, would you say the health of rural America is in decline? I live in a semi-rural area in the South. While I enjoy the lack of enrichment, the peace and quiet, and the low cost of living, I see a lot of signs of decay around me.

For one, we have a huge problem with overdoses and suicides (especially with our young men). I think this is driven by a lack of good jobs and a breakdown of family/community bonds.

Secondly, there is an obesity epidemic, especially in the South. I see these humongous people waddling around. I realize in some small towns there are not a lot of fresh food options, but to allow yourself to get morbidly obese, that’s a sign of giving up on life.

Finally, the population is shrinking rapidly. I see young people with ambition leaving our town and moving to big cities where high paying jobs are. So we have a community made up of senior citizens and young people who work at Walmart/a gas station or are on welfare.

BoomerDad1968 4 June 18
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My dad lives in a very rural area. The population is like 500. It shows lots of decay. You can tell it was a nice little town at one time. Now there are lots of houses that look like they are falling down. The city council has been in trouble for embezzling money. Lots of meth. It's really sad.


By 1981 two hundred and seventy six insurance companies were driven out of business after Congress "regulated" the insurance industry. Insurance rates quadrupled overnight. Brilliant! Congress' answer? The "Affordable" Care Act, aka Obamacare. Insurance rates tripled. Brilliant! Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi were a part of that. If we were to allow free market forces to restore the natural balance, we may again see low insurance rates, and a return to healthcare that is again the envy of the world. Or we can let the Democrats push us into socialism and die of long term disease waiting in the queue, as it it in England and Canada.


If you have strength of will to resist the literal programming that teaches that simplicity is bad, then rural living is pleasurable.

Unfortunately, pleasure comes at a cost. We need to be on the front lines which is in the population centers.

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