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Zero Hedge, courtesy of VDare, goes full Afterthought

"The Old America Is Dead: Three Scenarios For The Way Forward"


Just so we know what going full Afterthought consists of:

  1. Partition of the United States

  2. Forming a Northern / Polar alliance for global defense - in short kicking our former countrymen out of NATO and adding Russia - to include a bridge across the Bering Strait

  3. Putting hard limits on things that can replace humanity as we know it (AI /robotics/transhumanism)

  4. Colonizing space

What we do in the next 10 years will determine the fate of the galaxy, and the next 5 months will determine whether that is merely difficult or will require a miracle.

PS there is a "zero" to the above list

  1. Replacing the current nihilism with Order, or Arta in the ancient tongue: this majestic, mysterious, and all together too short life we share is not a random mess - there is an Order to all this, which when personified, (approximately) is God.

In fact, the New Testament states this explicitly in the very first paragraph (as I order it)

In the beginning was Logos, and Logos was with God, and Logos is God.

Logos is the companion term to Arta, as we say in contemporary parlance "LAW AND ORDER!" - they can be found joined in the Nord concept of urd-log, "Orlog" often times translated as "fate" but better understood as the law of the "current order" (aka the universe).

None of the bad things would be happening if Arta, as inherited through the lineage of Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and ancient Indo-European religion, had not been lost when Christianity died.

Likewise Logos enters Christianity through Stoic channels, has further lineage from Ionian pre-Socratic and ultimately Indo-European philosophical tradition.

As we restore Logos and Arta, Law and Order, we will restore our sovereignty and the biological viability of our people.

Afterthought 7 June 29
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