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How much of the proportional Cultural left wing power, due to so much of our entertainment, news, and media coming from New York or Los Angeles?? Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee these are the conservative areas. However every national paper, silicon vally, TV network is centered in New York or Los Angeles. This reminds me of the old argument the Big city folk think they can tell you how to think. D.C and Chicago are also included in this and are all far left. Imagine a world where entertainment, news, and media came from Kentucky, Arkansas, or Tennessee. This would for sure change the kind of thinking you'd see from the top. The following examples.

  1. Hollywood- Located in Los Angeles California
  2. Silicon Valley- Youtube, Google, Facebook, PayPal, Patreon, Reddit, and Twitter all located in Palo Alto California
  3. ADL Anti Defamation League- Located in New York City New York
  4. New York Times- stated in the name
  5. The New Yorker- In the name
  6. Los Angeles Times- In the name
  7. ESPN- Stamford Connecticut which is very close to New York City.
  8. Ivy League colleges- Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia. All located in the New England area extremely leftward places.
  9. FBI- Washington D.C liberal place
  10. Wall Street- Located in New York City New York
  11. Cable News Companies- Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS all located in New York, Los Angeles, or D.C

By comparison rest of America

  1. Local and small business
  2. Communities.
  3. Christian churches ( though many are cucked)
Robert100 7 July 11
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The New York Times, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, National Public Radio, National Geographic, the Washington Post, Google, Facebook and its affiliates, and more recently, FOX, are owned by avowed Leftists, and it is easy to prove that their "news" is almost completely propaganda serving the Left. Also business like Amazon, WalMart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Levi Strauss, Nike, Microsoft, and all of Soros' holdings (hundreds of them.)

Better alternatives are: Breitbart [], DailyWire [], DailyCaller [], Epoch Times [], GatewayPundit [], InfoWars [], SGTreport [], Zero Hedge [], [], [], [], The New Paper.

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