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The lesson of the last 4 years:

Afterthought 6 July 25
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Wisdom that has served me well: if you don't know whats going on just stand there with a dumb smile on your face until further notice.


I hope he turns out OK, an infusion of such (I know it's a percentage but at least 3 million) can warp a person as well as the fame/noteriety . Also there's more settlements to come. Future slacker or politician ?

Hard to say.. Depends a lot on his character.

Oprah Winfrey once did an experiment where she took 100 disadvantaged women and gave them a huge income nice cars fsncy appartments and lots of cool tech toys, phones, etc. The idea was that they would be able to feel what success feels like. Now I'm sure her conservative friends would have told her that it was a bad idea. And they would have been right. The results were so disastrous that she can't bring herself to talk about it publicly.

However, there was one gal out of the 100 that was obviously of unusually strong character. And she saw the experiment as the tremendous opportunity it actually was. She made a success of her life and was very grateful to Oprah for the opportunity to better herself. But even that 1% success was not enough to make up for the miserable failure of the program. It didn't make it any easier for Oprah to deal with.

Nowadays when someone succeeds in spite of having all the wrong incentives, I refer to them as the one percent Oprah girl/guy. Some people turn out fine no matter their circumstances, but it is a small number.

@curvycom I never heard that story before. I do remember the whole "You have a car and you have a car" thing the crowd going nucking futs until a week later when Uncle Sam came by demanding his cut of that sweet fresh income. More than half had to sell their vehicles to pay the IRS.

On a side note, I went to a taping of Tough Crowd w/Colin Quinn a few days after that car stunt and he told the audience to check under our seats and lo and behold we all had a Metro Card (worth 2 rides on NYC Transit) and the camera caught me jumping and screaming like an idiot doing my best parody of an Oprah fan. I might still have the VHS tape

@MikeHunt Awesome story! I feel like you're one of the good ones, Mike (or My, whichever you prefer : ) Thanks for showing yourself as a real person and not just a random troll. People can get so into the back and forth of social media that they forget that there are humans on the other side of the avatars. I try to keep this in mind. I know this is not on topic, but it is something I've been wanting to tell you.

@MikeHunt but yeah, you've never heard that story because Oprah won't talk about it. So there's not as much info out there about it. There is some though because she did have it on her show, so it generated some buzz at the time. So you will find some articles about it here and there if you look.

@curvycom One of the few who gets the name.I was gonna go with Ben Dover but ces't la vie. Yeah that was totally true, there might be archives on line, I'm the giant asshole hooping and holloring on camera (the 1st one up) my gf sitting there embarassed af then some other assholes rose up and the camera panned, we had that on VHS my own mother ripped me a new one because i told her to watch Comedy Central that night

Nah, kid's got a good head on his shoulders. He was the most mature one out of all those thousands of people that day.

@F0XF1R3 Yeah, you're probably right