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A Shitpost a day keeps the Covid Away. Can you tell these two birds apart? If so, you're a 'speciesist' 'BIRDIST'. Check your human privilege you fucking incel!!!!!!!!!!!

GilBatesLovesU 5 Aug 3
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Well, since my coronation as LORD OF THE PIGEONS I might have a beef with you good Sir, I never wanted this crown, the burden of being "that pigeon guy" but alas fate chose me. My Pigeon Army (well I guess it's an air force) will shit on your car at my command and if needed will do the dookie on your yalmukah


The real reason ducks swim and fly better than chickens is the quantum mechanical epigenetic impact of generations of 14th-Dimensional Slavery. It makes me cry just thinking of it tbh.


If the chicken cannot swim as well as the duck it is due to institutional racism. We need to drain the pond the chickens can "swim" too, even if they don't want to.


You're such a fucking BIRD Karen! No one likes you!

You just got doomed you poor soul, just watch, the ravens are going to be looking at you funny, figuring exactly where you live, i am so glad I'm not you right now

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