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Do you believe that 'COVID-19' is a more serious threat than the seasonal flu/common cold?

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GilBatesLovesU 5 Aug 5
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It's certainly overblown, but it is damn more serous than a cold. Comeon!

What leads you to believe that?


It's a serious threat to some groups of people, not to all. The question is to simplistic.

How should I rephrase it? I mean cold/flu is a serious threat to some groups of people, but not to all.

@GilBatesLovesU The overall death figures are a more accurate comparison to make.
Some research data, it's a little old so the figures will be slightly higher.

@maxmaccc so you tagged me in a comment reply, but your reply is gone. It is probably my fault, in a way. I believe a false flagger flagged anything that had my username in it. Which included some of your comments directed at me.

I have heard that our "inactive" i.e. falsely flagged posts still reside somewhere, but I do not know where or how to find them. Although, Another user found one of his falsely flagged posts and reposted it. So it must be possible, and they most be "somewhere."

I'll let you know when i figure it out. (unless you already know, in which case, can you tell me : )


I have a great deal of Respect for Asha(Arta)Logos.



Yes but only slightly


Twitter polls are not representative of anything except the following of the person posting the poll.

Yes, but presumably most of his followers are nationalists. Or 'on the right' as he phrases it. Also, so far, everyone in this group has voted 'no'.


COVID-19' is a more serious then the flu as stated by the CDC the conspiracy people are kill us with it saying it a cold please think about others

B1967 Level 7 Aug 5, 2020

Exactly! I died of COVID twice last week alone. Wear a masque GUIZE!!!!!

@GilBatesLovesU its not a joke

@B1967 I know

@GilBatesLovesU My wife and I have probably already had it, as we were both sick in late February. She IS immuno-compromised, I am not. She was sick for a month (although not deathly, she had all the symptoms one at a time--kinda strange) I had a sore throat for a couple of days and that was that.

That was about what I would expect for a regular cold or flu that affected us both. So yes, that's why I voted "the same." That was our experience.

@curvycom You say "probably had it", so you don't know for sure and go on to make a comparison that you didn't experience.

@maxmaccc that is a fair point. But I'm not being deceptive. I'm clearly identifying my comment as an educated guess.

Plus the data has been bearing it out to be "no worse than the flu." if the virus didn't have a few novel symptoms in some cases, there would probably be no notice of it. The whole crisis would be a much less significant statistical blip.

@curvycom I've seen someone hospitalised with Covid 19. I'm not saying it affects everyone to the same degree but, if what you had, felt like a cold, it probably was.

@maxmaccc also, you are the first person I've ever talked to from Monaco. Apart from a James bond Movie, I have no idea what Manaco is like. It always sounded very romantic to me. A tiny, cosmopolitan principality. A place you might aspire to live if you had been very successful in life.

@maxmaccc that is also possible. But my wife, as I mentioned, has a compromised immune system and she had all the symptoms--including the novel ones. Her Immuno specialist also thinks we have "probably" both had it. He advised us NOT to get tested though, because back then, there was red tape that would have madie it difficult for my wife to get certain medical treatment. So we complied with his advice.

Honestly, I was curious as hell and wanted to get tested, but didn't because of his admonition. Now, I'd have to get an antibody test, which I hear are not very reliable.

@curvycom It gets a little rowdy when Formula 1 comes to town. Apart from that, it's great. Five mins from the sea, five mins from the mountains.

@maxmaccc I did not know about the location. The sea, the mountains, etc. I had forgotten about the Racing Tradition also showcased in movies. I remember the famous casino scenes.

Are you a native of Monaco? I hear it's very difficult to become a resident or citizen there.

@curvycom I was born here, third generation, so am Monégasque. My wife was Spanish but you must renounce your citizenship to become a citizen of Monaco. There are a few other conditions if you are an "outsider" and want to become a permanent resident.

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