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The population of the West is gradually getting dumber and shallower. In the future, assuming great works of literature or history are still taught in college, how will authorities alter them to accommodate the mindset of the average college student?

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LargoEmbargo 6 Aug 8
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I had an annoying conversation with my mom tonight. She couldn't understand an analogy I was making. We both think the other is stupid and we are smart, but only one of us can be right.

It's possible that you're both stupid.

@Flagherty a radical centrist appears.


Everything will be written in pidgin english and with urban cultural sensitivity.

How Da Big Nigga in da skai gib dem reel sheit ta us
1 From wen taim bigin na im di reel sheit dey, and di reel sheit dey wit da Big Nigga, and Big Nigga kpa kpa Imsef na im bi di reel sheit. 2 Di reel sheit dey wit Big Nigga from wen taim bigin. 3 Na im make everitin and if no bi sey na in make dem, dem for nor dey for dis hood. 4 Na im bi life and dat life na im bi di lite wey pipol get. 5 Di lite dey shine for wipipol but wipipol no gri wit Am

Did you do this yourself or did you have to use Google Translate?

@LargoEmbargo Nah its the new official translation used in Vatican City.

@Flagherty Oh wow, I looked it up and it is real!
This is perfect for the monosyllabic demographic.

@scotirishviet I can't figure out if it's just an elaborate prank that got out of hand.

@Flagherty nah, it's real, it's for the former British colonies, I had a woman from (formally British) Guyana, a home health aide who took care of my mother in her last days who spoke just like that


I must say, sir, your choices have me rollin' perhaps i shall select one when i stop laughing

oh this is gonna take a bit oh lol big ass mofo of rhodesss i can't even type no mo lol

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Posted by CourseofEmpireComing soon or even happening already?

Posted by CourseofEmpireA British children's story telling the truth.

Posted by RLeeBarkerThey're banning Dr. Seuss books and pulling them from shelves. And these people have the nerve to call others "Nazis."

Posted by CourseofEmpireActual material that's being taught in New York public schools right now. In the end, if you're white, you're vermin, a pestilence, nothing but pure evil. A tsunami of antiwhite hatred is coming.

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Posted by CourseofEmpireYep, they’re coming for everyone on the right, even moderate Normie types, as well as so-called centrists who are against much of the Progressive agenda.

Posted by sqeptiqLooks like someone cucked and deleted this post, but it was a spicy one!

Posted by vonLeibnizI'm just saying hi after having signed up here. I heard Ramz mentioning this place on Youtube. So, hi from Sweden! I'll include a a picture of me and our cat.

Posted by RLeeBarkerWe have each others' back.

Posted by sqeptiq"Want a balloon, li'l buddy? How about some cotton candy? Let me give you your boat back! It's floating down here. We all float down here!"

Posted by CourseofEmpireIt’s funny that Democrats are openly advocating censorship and re-education camps, both things they said Trump/Pence would do after the 2016 elections, neither of which actually happened...

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