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Anyone noticed how the left doesn't even seem to understand what are good or bad arguments in support of their own positions? Normally, if you are trying to make a point, or convince somebody of something, you would curate the best examples to support your own stance and call balls and strikes on evidence that might validate your points. You would expect a left-wing/super pro-black liberal to at least concede that perhaps Ferguson is not an idealistic example of the theory that blacks are uniquely hunted and victimized by all white people, but nope, they still reference it and use it as a case study of white evil. I think the right-wing trying to steelman the left's case could actually do a much better job than the left trying to cogently explain their worldview.

moscow92 2 Sep 7
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Debating with most leftists is futile at this point. Maybe it was more meaningful and impacting 15 years ago to point out hypocrisy and the emphasis of using facts over feelings, but now? Not so much. Ive really tried to be level headed on any arguments saying that “you’re on the right track but you need to focus on X Y Z because A B C isn’t as big of a factor “ but they just rehash the same tired points and don’t bother to look beyond the narrative. If they don’t align fully with their beliefs, they won’t give you the time of the day but at least you can watch in entertainment as they eat themselves. For example, see JK Rowling.

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