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If you need proof that cops are not on your side and come from the same flock as Antifa/BLM , look no further.

They will go for the low hanging fruit, the harmless tax payer who has everything to lose , who is simply made a criminal because he wanted to defend himself, his property, or family. Anachro tyranny at its finest. All of this whole violent rioters roam free and if they do get arrested, they get let out the next day.

Let’s suppose the screenshot below has more to it and the guy is actually guilty of breaking a law, are you sure you want to take that risk and still support cops?

Be careful out there. A lot of these mobs are filled with unintelligent losers but many of them are smarter and will do just enough to get people to take the bait. They know exactly what they’re doing and don’t expect cops to help you out.

Wafflestomper 6 Sep 16
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Look, I'm confident Wfflstmpr, we agree on least 88% of things, give or take 14% of things, so let's agree disagree on whether, "... proof that cops are not on your side ..." or not.

I'm very pro copper (family & friends) but know one thing, their pensions ARE priority #1 to them, right or wrong or anywhere in between. Not defending it, not condoning it, just trying to explain it - why they would carry out an order like this.

Is it TRULY nauseating to see? It sure is and in a world that hadn't gone COMPLETELY over the cliff, there is NO WAY this - again, nauseating - story & video happens.

Lemme close too, by agreeing with your, "... Be careful out there...."; as we law abiding, decent, good people UNLIKE the societal savages chanting their approval to this travesty, have to be always aware our surroundings ClownWorldUSA.

Better days a-coming tho, hope / trust you'll agree w/ my own words too.
A fellow Sluggo/RZPer

JATW Level 6 Sep 17, 2020
1 you present two sides of an equation so what exactly are you trying to communicate? Damned if you do damned if you don't? Like we don't already know that?

dd54 Level 8 Sep 17, 2020