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Denver television news (9NEWS) hired an unlicensed security guard who had left-wing extremist ties. The security guard was later arrested for the murder of a Trump supporter.

ramzpaul 8 Oct 12
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It's really sad the way this entire situation went down. Broad daylight, cops about, just there's something surreal about it. Really sad none the less.




Have yet to watch this video (but really digging the higher video frequency lately), but this is just more proof that if you have anything to lose, you best stay away from these meetups. Don’t become that victim.

We are in an ideological civil war. Unlike the 1800s when our civil war was easily defined by borders, territories , and geography, it’s not so simple here. The setting is neighbor vs neighbor. There won’t be any large battles to be glorified in the history books. Instead we will have random one off events like this. It will probably be like our “war on terrorism”.


What do you mean when you say Civil War? Who would participate in the war? What would the sides look like? Would the military participate in the war on one side or would they be divided? What exactly would people be fighting over?

The way I understand the Civil War idea is that BLM and Antifa will fight devoted Trump supporters for control of the federal government. After they control the government, what is their plan? Give blacks reparations for slavery using taxes?

Am I getting the 2020 Civil War idea more or less correct?


@ramzpaul Denver is my home town. Military brat born at Fitzimmons 1957. 4 Stations available on VHF. Channels Still could find some on UHF. For you that don't know UHF, was like trying to tune in a ham radio on your TV. I remember the Denver I grew up in. Called a small big cowboy conservative city. I moved out of Denver in the 90's to western Colorado to get away from the liberal California population that was moving there were taking over everything. Problem was they soon went state wide. Nice little home in conservative Georgia now.

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