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I think it's fair to listen to these guys in their own words.

curvycom 7 Oct 13
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I like Tim. I tend to only listen to the first 5 minutes of his topical videos because he tends to ramble. He's a very effective persuader for regular people who aren't super interested in politics.

He's responsible for red-pilling a lot of people.

I've been enjoying his live show quite a bit. In some ways, it's better than his regular videos--which is unusual for a live stream.


Great interview, respect for Tim asking tough questions , respect for Tarrio's thoughtful replies.

I really like Tim. I like the anti-censorship anti-fake-news stances he takes. It shows a lot of integrity. It was a trip and a half when his cohost Adam, and then Tim, himself decided to vote for Trump. I was amazed!