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The New York Times is becoming totally unhinged. I thought it would take until 2025 to get this overtly hostile and brazenly disingenuous:

"The Trump presidency has brought American democracy to the breaking point. The president has encouraged violent extremists; deployed law enforcement and other public institutions as weapons against rivals; and undermined the integrity of elections through false claims of fraud, attacks on mail-in voting and an apparent unwillingness to accept defeat.

In this, he has been aided and abetted by a Republican Party that has fallen into the grips of white nationalism. The Republican base and its white Christian core, facing a loss of its dominant status in society, has radicalized, encouraging party leaders to engage in voter suppression, steal a Supreme Court seat in 2016 and tolerate the president’s lawless behavior. "


GilBatesLovesU 6 Oct 28
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I think the whole thing was a conspiracy by psychologists to drum up business 🙂.

Black is white, up is down, the Russian are coming, don't worry hug a Chinese person, put Covid patients in nursing homes and blame Trump, crooked Joe is a conspiracy theory, black ran organizations are really white nationalist conspiracies, peaceful protesters, walls don't work but live behind them, fracking no fracking, the Chinese are our friends, flatten the curve became eliminate all viruses, 30 trillion dollar green new deals and trains to Europe, social media companies are not biased, it's the Obama economy, peace deals ignored, minority and female employment ignored, free speech is hate speech, thugs are heroes, heroes are fools, essential worker is synonymous with deplorable, black people have to be taught how to spot racism, sex is a social construct, mismanaged pension funds driving municipalities and states into bankruptcy, jobs that were never coming back coming back, refund the police and blame them for rising violent crime, animal farm as a summer of love and a constant stream of insane screeching.

The grand conspiracy by psychologists is a marvel to behold.

wolfhnd Level 8 Oct 28, 2020

"Democrats are concentrated in big metropolitan centers" LoL

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