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Today (Thursday) we discuss what ‘Build Back Better’ and the ‘Great Reset’ will mean for our lives. Join us Live at 2:00 P.M. EST.

ramzpaul 8 Nov 19
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Wow, that was super long but, good.


It seems like there is a large number of people that see these things so, why aren't things being done to rebel


A good article from Zero Hedge important for your understanding of the "Great Reset"


Schwab, the Great Reset man lays out that the goal is to merge with the machines

"He also makes clear that implantable microchips will be the cornerstone of a transhumanist agenda that will merge man with machine.

“Today’s external devices—from wearable computers 
    to virtual reality headsets—
    will almost certainly become implantable 
    in our bodies and brains,” he writes.

“Active implantable microchips that break 
    the skin barrier of our bodies” 
    will “change how we interface with the world” 
    and force us “to question what it means to be human,” 
    according to Schwab.


Ramzpaul, I don't think you can speak intelligently on the Elites plans without understanding what their plans really are.

1st It is not a long walk from concerns about overpopulation fashionable in the 60s and 70s to plans for depopulation.

2nd Depopulation tools include women in the workforce, contraception, economic marginalization of the workers, promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. War, real war, is too dangerous, even for the Elite.

3rd These things, while annoying, do too little to stop population growth, other plans had to be made

4th Once they get the replacement robotic workers to keep themselves in grandeur, the superfluous people are dead. Some think that will be something to do with mandatory vaccines, I think it will be more direct such as using robots to murder people.

5th These people plan long lives, possible immortality, by "merging with the machine"

There is a catch to all this, there is no merging with the machine. Fragile biology will vanish in due time, leaving behind only machine. It is a form of suicide, even for the Elite. It is the nihilistic, godless, suicide of man - as CS Lewis called it - The Abolition of Man.

Alternatively, with terraforming Earth we could easily house 1 trillion people in splendor. With spacefaring technologies within our grasp we could easily have a quadrillion people in this solar system.

Finally, when man has no God above him, he becomes, sick, mentally unstable, mad. As when a child has no father, but more so. God, strictly speaking the personification of the Order inherent in Existence, needs to be at the heart of our movement. That was the trouble with the alt right, at its heart was evil be my good and nihilism.

It is, after all, a war of the spirit, who is winning? Who will win?


Pokes fun at the establishment.

Nealjoe Level 6 Nov 19, 2020
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