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How the next 30 days may unfold - and then the rest of history

Dec 20th - Jan 2nd - Christmas and New Years

Sun Jan 3rd - Congress Starts

Mon Jan 4th Trump rally in Georgia for Senate Runoff

Tue Jan 5th Georgia Runoff, GOP should pick up both seats but beware of fraud. If GOP wins, then Trump's claim that there is no way he would lose a state that the GOP did so well in will be even stronger.

Wed Jan 6th 6 AM - 1 PM DC protest intensifying

Wed Jan 6th 1 PM - Joint Session Chaired by Mike Pence

critical point - we will know perhaps as soon as the 3rd state, Arizona, just how contested this will be.

Each contested elector can get 2 hours of debate, or if done by state, an entire state can take 2 hours of debate

1:30 PM to 3:30 PM: 3rd state by alphabetical order: Arizona: If contested, each speaker gets 5 minutes, debate capped at 2 hours, then House and Senate vote separate by individual members.

By 4 PM we should know how staunch the GOP will be in the Senate and the House.

If the House and Senate split, we will know by 5 PM how Presiding Officer Pence will be interpreting the Electoral College Act of 1877, US Code 3-1, and the Constitution.

The three outcomes are a Biden victory by the count as it stands, a Trump victory if alternate electors are selected for the states in question, or a Contingent Election if House and Senate Deadlock and Presiding Officer Pence sets disputed ballots aside or considers them null.

5 PM If anything other than a Biden win is apparent, IT WILL BE WILD! The Democrats will start going nuts and we could see genuine breakdowns in Order and the Presiding Officer will use his Constitutional and Statutory power to maintain Order. This could take the form of the House Democrats and Senate Democrats quitting the process, and the Republicans taking 2 hours for each additional state (GA, MI, PA, NV, WI) and in the middle of the night ramming through either a Trump win or a 12th Amendment Contingent Election - in a mirror image to the steal on Election Night.

If a Contingent Election takes place, there will be a quorum for the House (any Representative from 34 States) and Trump should win handily, even with a Democrat Boycott. In the Senate, however, the VP election may not get a quorum which is 2/3rds of Senators. Pence may have to wait until Jan 20th to be Elected by the Senate per the 20th Amendment.

Thus we may end up with Trump becoming President in the Middle of the night and there literally being no recourse to any court as it will be a done deal.

This is where we come in. With a massive show of strength, there will be a People's Veto of any Leftist assault on the process, which is very likely in Enemy occupied DC. People need to be prepared to Hold the Line at least until January 21st.

Jan 7th through Jan 20th - Democrats file suit and the Supreme Court denies that there is any judicially cognizable interest, similar to Texas v Pennsylvania.

Wed Jan 20th noon: Trump is Sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts

What happens next is anyone's guess, ranging from civil unrest, formal moves to split up the United States coming from the Left, or the Left just running out the clock on Trump as they did the first Term, relying on demographic changes already baked into the cake. How Trump can expect to govern in this setting is unclear given his performance in 2020. However, the GOP Establishment, sensing that America might die soon, may finally start fighting to win.

If Biden manages to win, then the demographic changes to the electorate will accelerate and the American bulwark against Globalism will fall and freedom may not return for a thousand years on some far flung space colony - if ever.

The Abolition of Man, that is to say the replacement of humans by AI, Robotics, and Transhumanism ("merging with the machine" ) may prevent freedom from returning ever again.

Afterthought 7 Dec 20
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Looks like a lot of cope to me, friend.

Edit: I'm just responding to this part: "Thus we may end up with Trump becoming President in the Middle of the night and there literally being no recourse to any court as it will be a done deal."

I would like it, but I think the corrupt Democrats will take the presidency.

Thank you for the reply.

  1. The fight, win or lose, has proved salutary

  2. The fight is short, we are talking Nov 4th to Jan 20th. The larger fight - for a Homeland - will take years and decades, it is poor form and a bad sign if a salutary short fight is too much for people

  3. It is important to articulate what could be done so that we can judge performance in the aftermath; for instance, 55% of males voted for Trump, and those males are better warriors than the males on the other side. If well organized (regulated, in Second Amendment parlance) these men can secure the state.

This is often called "martial law" or Crossing the Rubicon. Yet we can see that you can't just snap your fingers and make it happen. There needs to be a preparation, both materially and mentally. By articulating this as an option, it highlights the failure of Trump et al over 4 years and provides an important lesson for the future.

The homeland will not come into being with the consent of the Enemy. The campaign will conclude with a Ghandian General Strike but even that peaceful gambit must be underwritten by credible force. Trump failed to cultivate a credible force (he actually gave the GWB "go shopping" speech at the inauguration, so the Enemy punked him for 4 years knowing he was all bluff and bluster).

  1. This is a War of the Spirit. The Enemy conquered us in our minds, will, and spirits. Even now we have the material advantage, but it is not in a usable form. People speak of martial law and Crossing the Rubicon, civil war and various words that boil down to murder.

No. To win this battle requires merely 1 VP, 51 Senators, 5 SC justices. 56 people. People who presumably have some love for their country, and who could be taught the ramifications to that country if we do not win. We could expand it to dime-a-dozen state reps in critical states. They could easily ram through victory, they just failed to do so for lack of spirit. Likewise, a strong showing by the populace on Jan 4th 5th and 6th requires some bit of cheer leading and moral boosting: in so many words, Spirit.

All the best


I'll believe it when I see it.

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