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What if we are alone?

ramzpaul 8 Dec 21
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We probably aren't alone in the Universe but we are alone on earth.

Nealjoe Level 6 Dec 22, 2020

So, Space Force isn't looking out, it's looking down then...


Not to worry! The top Israeli space scientist says that E.T. is out there alright. He's just shy and uncertain if we have the mettle to handle the truth. It's sort of like the film, A Few Good Men, in a way!


KenR Level 3 Dec 21, 2020

That guy is 87 years old and senile.


Here's what we know about whether there's life in the universe outside the confines of our planet: nothing.. Well, at least so far. Maybe some day we'll discover proof of life out there, or maybe not. To Ramz' point, there's a possibility that our biosphere supports the only life in the universe. Or, we're just the first to develop. Think about the fact our "known" universe is about ninety-some billion light years across. Perhaps little green men live at the other end and we just haven't caught sight of them yet. And I'm not ready to buy into divine creation as there's really no evidence to support that premise either. As to the guys back in '52 stirring up some chems in a Petri dish, or whatever, and attempting to create the spark of life, I don't think that demonstrates a conclusion that we can just say "well, that didn't work.. guess it can't be done. Let's move on and break for lunch..". Perhaps it takes thousands or millions of years for organics to stew in an environment where all the right ingredients gather and ignite a primitive life form. LIke I said, we just don't know...yet.


That would mean no galactic NATO would intervene if earthly Serbs decided to remove kebab.

sqeptiq Level 7 Dec 21, 2020
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