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The COVID “relief” bill is a gigantic looting of the American treasury by foreign powers. You get $600.

ramzpaul 8 Dec 22
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This is why all of DC must be removed by any means necessary


Might as well as join in the feast on the carcass of what once was. Use the money to learn Mandarin.


They are giddy with the imminent defeat of populism.

If left populism and right populism want to win, they can come together by agreeing to divide the nation, and then take the elites to the woodshed in the resultant nations.


Yes, the COVID “relief” bill is a gigantic looting of the American treasury by foreign powers - furthermore it is fraud and treason. And there is enough evidence.


I have two skeptical friends, thats why I wrote these TWO PDFs, I tryed explaining the corona situation to them, they are quite intelligent, but this is also difficult to swallow emotionally. It is a transcript and expansion of lawyer Fuelmichs case against the leader of WHO, the developer of the PCR corona test, and the leader of the German center for dicease control - he presented his case on his youtube channel here -


1- The case against the promoters of the corona panic - []
2- Documentation and references - []

Meaby it will also help with your skeptical friends. If they will only hear 5-10 minutes each time dedicated to the corona situation. THERE IS A CLEAR PRESENTATION AND LOTS OF FACTS

Also these doctors are inspiring, there are great initiatives going on. WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE - Uniting around the world with integrity and right action. []

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