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Rush - An American Icon.

ramzpaul 8 Feb 18
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Weird he travelled to destinations known for sexual predators with a suitcase full of viagra on his own isn't it?

Note i'm not saying he was a paedophile, but he just travelled to a popular location for paedophiles with lots of viagra in his suitcase, alone, after his third divorce.

It's strange the guys you lot consider heros and patriots isn't it?

bastion Level 7 Feb 19, 2021

He literally created his own professional class by single handedly saving the AM radio band and stations...and then dominated it for over 30 years!
He will forever be an American Icon and Patriot!
He paved more road and more paths than the entire US highway system and made the way for all who followed, like Hannity, Levin, Bongino, Boortz, and countless others. Including those on the other side of the aisle, although they could never be nearly as successful. Not to mention all the jobs that were kept, maintained, and created.
May God Bless his family, staff, and loved ones!
I hope they will find peace and a future beyond his passing...

P.S. May his enemies and detractors find their own special hell, because now no matter what they say or do they will only succeed in making him larger than life

Genghis Level 6 Feb 18, 2021



Rush doesn't get enough credit for being a satirist, an art form the Left doesn't react well to. Much of what he said was done with hyperbole to elicit humor at "Progressive" thought when it was in it's infancy. Crass as he was sometimes, he shed light on issues that many people were reluctant to broach, the very thing that will get you de-platformed today. AM radio may be the last stronghold for free speech in this country...all you need is a transmitter and an antenna.

Rush was a legend, Rest in Peace Rush.


Great video Ramz, I agree 100 percent. He was a great American.
Rest In Peace Rush..

Talent returned to God.

Welder1 Level 4 Feb 18, 2021
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