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I've watched your video on Twitter concerning the Boomer situation. I've been waiting for it to appear here. ( I refuse to have a twitter account)

So I'll say what I have to say here. ( and elsewhere)

For a long time I listened to the Boomer hate without making a response. But Vox Day (who never misses an opportunity to profess his Christian bona fides) has spent several years calling for the euthanization of the entire boomer generation--which I think is a bit extreme.

Obviously, Vox Day practices a form of Christianity that I'm unfamiliar with since I can't recall the Messiah calling for the extermination of a generation.

But in any event, Vox Day is an older member of Generation X and has become increasingly bald and wrinkled since he first launched his attacks on the Boomer generation. Consequently, he is occasionally referred to as a Boomer by Millennials and the Zoomer generation.

I guess what goes around comes around.

A decade or so ago, when he first started doing his anti Boomer rants, I cautioned Vox Day that if it ever bore fruit the young people wouldn't be checking IDs before they bashed an old man's head in with T-ball bat--but he didn't listen them and he won't listen now.

So let him continue to age and talk.

The Boomers will be gone soon. And if the young people of America ever decide that it's time to eliminate the older members of their society, people the age of Vox Day will be at ground zero for the young people's retributions.

The anti Boomer stuff is all crap, anyway. If anyone deserves to pay the price for the anti Boomer rhetoric, it's the older members of Generation X who stirred it all up in the first place.

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Sometimes the Oldies are the brake on Society before it destroys itself too quickly.I say better listen to Grandmama!



One of Vox Day's topics concerning "pillow day"--when the Boomers are smothered in their beds by nursing home personnel.

The comment section seems to indicate that it got Milo excited.

It may be a lot were put out of their misery, not for their thoughts, in nursing homes ( Aged Care these days! ) in previous years.

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