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Trump Deploys The Military Against Americans. #NoForcedVax -

JoogleVAX4U 5 May 14
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Trump is what he is and who he is. I personally don't think that he has sinister motives behind wanting to utilize military for vaccine distribution, but just sees the military as a logistical asset, since their network is massive and already in place.
Most of us are rightfully opposed to this, as we fear it could morph into forced vaccinations by armed goons ( not knocking soldiers here, I'd be more worried if he suggested using law enforcement agencies to distribute the vaccs).
Someone (advisors) has definitely discussed this with him, as he stated in today's presser that the vaccine would be optional and "not everyone will want to get it".
We shall see.


...and what exactly would you say to half the country still scared out of their socks that the virus is going to kill them, because they believe the media?

I might try to reassure them that we will have a vaccine soon, and that we have a way of delivering it, knowing fully well that by "the end of the year," most of the country will have come to their senses, and the issue will very likely fade away, or more likely the Left will reverse their position.


No simple solutions to complex problems.

wolfhnd Level 7 May 14, 2020