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I am quite sure not ALL museums are included

MikeHunt 8 June 27
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My observation is that the non-black people in BLM are more racist against Black people than the rest of the country. Notice that the majority of companies looted and communities trashed are the ones Black people are in. When they burn down a Macy's store, it's not on 5th Avenue in New York City. No, it's in Harlem.


I just keep wondering at what point the non blacks that are supporting BLM are going to realize they are just being used as pawns. This is not about equality, they have the same rights we all do. This is not about police brutality, the stats are out there and they clearly refute this claim. This is about getting rid of everything that is not black. As BLM progresses through their list of things to erase, at some point they will get to the non black people and it will make no difference if you supported them or not. Their name says it all.
To clarify I know this is not the thought process of all black people, I have no doubt that the great majority hold the same wants, needs, and values as everyone else. I know there are some supporting BLM in good faith that this is all about racial equality and police brutality, but their efforts with this group are misguided. BLM is a hate group and no good will ever come by trying to force your will upon others with hate and violence.

I’ve been wondering when the blacks will realize they are being pawns of the hard radical communists who are largely white, and using them as a wedge to gain power. Oh, there are lots of whites out protesting who have no clue, but there are lots of blacks as well who have no clue.

@Evidently Yep I keep waiting for somebody to wake up and see whats going on.

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