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Just read the transcript of Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore. Thumbs up.

He named three enemies explicitly: schools, newsrooms, and corporate boardrooms. The latter, the latest addition to the leftist oppression and propaganda machine.

The first steps are to recognize and name the problem. In this case, control of institutions by leftists who hate America.

Trump didn’t mention the anti-White nature of the leftist control, but mentioning it wouldn’t be a good idea at this stage. After all, one article I read in called the speech racially divisive! And this was not labeled as an opinion piece.

I don’t know how much a president can do about this alone. There’s a push to get the Republican Party to finally start to fight back. It may not work, but we have to try.

Choppy 5 July 4
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As much as I liked the speech, I'm pretty sure he didn't write it himself.


AUSTRALIA HERE. President Trump's speech was the best just like all of his speeches, and he doesn't even need to read from a paper. I listened to every word he said. He's the best President ever. We're all ready to fight back! President Trump's speech made Me feel patriotic towards America, and I'm not even in the US. I wish you well.


It was a good speech. As far as race goes he talked about not letting people be divided, etc. Don't read its a liberal rag and has been forever.

YZF2000 Level 4 July 4, 2020

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